Last day open for old Customs building at Massena Entry

Last day open for old Customs building at Massena Entry

So there will be a customs building sitting empty on US soil as of tomorrow.   Sure it’s scheduled for the wrecking ball because of asbestos etc, but I have a hunch that if the powers that be wanted to it could be used until a decision is made as to where Canada Customs will be.

I spoke with several border guards on both the US and Canadian sides and from what I’m hearing there is about a 25% increase in traffic at the Ogdensburg crossing and neglible traffic via Dundee and Herdman.

And yes, some businesses are hurting from this closure, but there are others that are benefitting.

So the bridge can stay closed or it can be reopened.  It’s up to both sides to resolve this.

Area Updates:

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“The honourable Peter Van Loan must come to the table to assist us in resolving this matter, which on a daily basis is becoming more and more serious,”

US Senators want President Obama to fix this

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