RIP – Restaurant Chez Nous

RIP – Restaurant Chez Nous

It’s been confirmed that Restaurant Chez Nous has closed its doors for good and filed for Bankruptcy.

Owner’s Paul McAllister and Ryan Julien could not be reached for comment, but the kitchen equipment was moved out of the building this week and notices of bankruptcy were released.

I think that corner is cursed although the Mr. Shepherd’s Pie concept probably never had a chance.

The high cost of renovations; aquiring their liqour licence and the injury to their chef made the chances of success very hard.

In the Cornwall market there are a handful of very successful restaurants and it’s hard to break in.

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Paul McAllister
As one of the owners of Chez Nous, I am very sad that we were not as accepted into the community as quickly as we hoped. This building is cursed as many customers in the last 3 weeks were walking out due to the heat inside. the air conditioning was just not able to work enough to keep the dinning room cool. Customers would arrive, order a drink and meal and then cancel the meal as it was over 30 degrees inside. Also the rotting wall near the kitchen exit also didn’t help us either. We closed once for a… Read more »

It was a good try, in a tough market.

And true, it’s a market made tougher by city administration. The city with a ”stuck in gear unless you’ve got some grease” system.

Don’t worry about the kids, they head off to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

Chris Wilson

Pity. Heard about it but never went there. The idea of going into Cornwall for a “night on the town” is just too depressing to even contemplate.