NHL Training Camps open today! Sens, Habs, Leafs

NHL Training Camps open today! Sens, Habs, Leafs

It’s that time.   Autumn is nipping in the air.  The kids are back in school,  and the boys are back at training camp getting ready for the 2009 – 2010 NHL Hockey season.

Yes, the Phoenix Coyote issue still stinks up the room.  Wayne Gretzky is nowhere to be seen, and I’m sure phone lines are burning up as a negotiated settlement is being attempted.     I still think Mr. Balsillie is going to get his team in Hamilton.

As for the teams we cover, no news to really report.  No major injuries.   The most interesting thing is that I expect the Leafs, Habs, and Sens to make at least one more significant move before the season starts.

The Leafs are still looking to land Phil Kessel, or some major forward component and I think they actually do have a shot at a play-off spot this year.

The Sens I think will still move Jason Spezza although now that Dany “Cry Baby” Heatley is gone the need to move Spezza isn’t as great and he still has Alex Kovalev and Jonathan Cheechoo to potentially set up.   The Sens big issue is Defense which after the retirement of Jason Smith isn’t that deep.

The Habs have a lot of question marks in place.    Chemistry being one of the biggest as it should be interesting to see how the many new faces gel.

All three teams have goal tending questions.   It should be a very interesting training camp and pre-season, and there still are a lot of good players not signed up to play.

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