People’s Fire Video – – UPDATE

People’s Fire Video – – UPDATE

This video was just posted on which is a website with a unique insight into the goings on at the tent in Akwesasne.   There’s so much spin out there and so much that hasn’t been covered.  It’s good to see the perspective from those at the center of the storm.


I think if more people knew more about what truly has gone on this summer they’d see things much differently.   The Harper Government needs to step up to the table and end pressure tactics and resolve this crisis once and for all.

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I watched that video and again I have to say permanently closing the POE is the way to go. It was during the period that the crossing was closed and they seemed very happy. They don’t like the stench of trucks and who can blame them. It is the way to go!


UH? Just who am I trying to hurt?
Who am I not at peace with?


Check out this video….

Doug George-Kanentiio talks about the closing down the border crossing if no deal can be reached. Even he agrees it might be the best way to go.