100,000 and Counting – Thank you Cornwall for helping us hit our Milestone

100,000 and Counting – Thank you Cornwall for helping us hit our Milestone

A number can be a funny thing.


I was told when I started The Cornwall Free News that I was loopy.    When I suggested I could get this much traffic within a year I was told that I was even loopier.   People said Cornwall wasn’t an internet kind of town and that nobody cared about the news.

Well thanks to all of you, our sponsors & readers,  we have hit our target before our 10 month anniversary.   This morning we passed the 100,000 page view mark.  We’re at 101,599.   Swine Flu (H1N1) is the hot topic today, but it can be any topic any day.

100,000 isn’t a lot of page views compared to big  websites in big cities; but each journey starts with a small footstep, and I wish to thank you all for helping everyone at The Cornwall Free News along with their journey, and making it our journey.

Please keep those emails coming in.  We do listen to what you want.   You really are the editors of our paper.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor –  The Cornwall Free News

Please visit all of our sponsors who make this paper possible!

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Reg Coffey

Atta boy Jamie, I knew you could do it. It just goes to show that people in Cornwall and area are starving for real local news.