Teiohontathe Fallan Davis Finally Gets Her Day – Canadian Human Rights Tribunal – Cornwall Ontario – November 30, 2009

Teiohontathe Fallan Davis Finally Gets Her Day – Canadian Human Rights Tribunal – Cornwall Ontario – November 30, 2009

Boy Réjean Bélanger is going to have to earn his bucks in this case.   Justice moves very slowly in this world.  In the case of  davis2 Teiohontathe Fallan Davis it’s taken over four years of her life.  During this time she’s not only had to suffer the wounds of her alleged mishandling at the hands of CBSA officials, but also the frustration, fear, and alleged harrasment at the hands of CBSA and Justice agencies in Canada since.

As a matter of fact if not for The Canadian Human Rights Commission deciding that her allegations warrant investigation, and supporting their continuing investigation her case would’ve disappeared in the winds.

Her case is still in jeopardy as CBSA coucil  Sean Gaudet is still contesting the definition of the term “service” IE in that she was being given service by CBSA staff when the alleged incident took place all those years ago.

Ms Davis is representing herself, with no lawyer, at this tribunal that is taking place at Nav Can this week and after a week break commencing for another week.

It is open to the public, so if you wish to show support you may attend.    There were a lot of elders from Akwesasne in attendance; some taking notes, most concerned with the impact of this and other cases on their day to day lives.

What I found really interesting is that this case potentially has the ability to change the way CBSA officials can conduct themselves.

At the very bottom of these allegations Racial Profiling is on trial.    Brian Smith, counsel for The Canadian Human Rights Commission stated that if Ms Davis’ case is victorious that the commission would recommend that CBSA work with the Human Rights commission to create training & policies that have more cultural awareness.  It was also interesting that there was so little media coverage for a case that could have such a large impact on Canada.

It’s interesting watching the tribunal in action.   I think if the same respect and care were given to the citizens of Akwesasne over the Seaway International Bridge Crisis as this case is getting via this tribunal so far we’d not have a bridge crisis.

We’ll be doing updates during the two week hearing, and if you have anything to add feel free to email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com – To leave your comment on this story just click the headline and go to the story page where you can leave your comment.

In the meanwhile we’ll post another picture of Ms Davis.  One slip of a girl against the government of Canada.

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Where is the racial profiling? Her own testimony indicts her for abusing customs officers. Suspicious persons should be examined more closely…and judging solely on the crackpot idea that CBSA is responsible for a miscarriage, she’s suspicious.

Gerry Healing
Gerry Healing

The Catholic Women’s League could mount a better defence against the Taliban than this girl’s team versus the government (i.e. our tax dollars) The complainant is absolutely not prepared. She lacks even the most basic counsel …the kind that would tell her; “Wait for the question before answering.”, “Don’t go beyond what you’re asked.” or for that matter someone to ensure the facts are laid out clearly and that credible documentation is at hand. Or even the kind of counsel that would object to the “do you still beat your wife” flavour of questioning. She lacks any counsel to complain… Read more »


Hey Gerry,

I appreciate the inside view of the proceedings. The reason that CBSA won’t retrieve information from the island is that the Mohawks have made entry untenable; they have threatened violence, and the government does not want to face them down.

What should happen is that RCMP should escort the CBSA agents to the facility to retrieve their material. Why isn’t this happening?

And FYI–though they claim otherwise, the Mohawks did cede the land, ratified by an Order-In-Council from the Governor General. They were paid for the land. They took the money. They benefit tremendously from the bridge.