Geez I hate sleazy stores at Christmas – Grr…. I’m so tempted to name these sleazeballs….

Geez I hate sleazy stores at Christmas – Grr…. I’m so tempted to name these sleazeballs….

shoppingSo I’m trying to buy my wife something special for Christmas.  I hate shopping, and I feel like I can never get the right gift.   I’ve bought a few things already, but wanted this item I could only find online.

Find a coupon code for free shipping & 20% off.   Go to the website, and they scream free shipping everywhere.  I’ve ordered from this company before and, you got it, free shipping.

I spend over an hour sifting through “stuff” and finally go to check out.   They whack me with a $25 shipping fee.

We need more stores in Cornwall.   Not selling the same old, same old made in China crap; but things that people want and appreciate; especially at the holidays.

How is your holiday shopping season going?  Where do you find the best deals on the most different stuff in Cornwall?  I just don’t have time to go to Ottawa or Montreal this year.

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Liked your story Jamie… But perhaps… reflect on what I have recently come to cherish… Sometimes… I care is in a Bag of Cheese and sometimes it’s in a tray of danish… and sometimes it’s in a no-name ball cap or a heater…. Love is a most strange beast…Though I agree not right to promise FREE shipping then add **** except**** at the end… The gift IS the journey. ( even if it is in hidden shipping charges…you sought to get her what she wanted most) …. A few days ago I was at a celebration where I heard a… Read more »