Towards a Greener Ontario – Provincial Government Supports New Solar Technologies by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – May 20, 2010

Towards a Greener Ontario – Provincial Government Supports New Solar Technologies by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – May 20, 2010

Towards a Greener Ontario – Provincial Government Supports New Solar Technologies by Richard Komorowski

Cornwall ON – The Ontario Government today announced that it is supporting Morgan Solar Inc. to the tune of $1.86 million to help the company start commercial production of new, highly innovative solar electricity generating panels. The panels use a radically new design to concentrate the light from the sun without using bulky mirrors or lenses. The result is a sturdy, light-weight panel which can better withstand the rigours of Ontario’s weather, and deliver electricity at a lower cost than traditional panels. As many as twenty new, long-term jobs will be created.

Ontario faces the challenge of providing enough energy for its population as conventional sources dry up or become cost prohibitive. Setting up a solar energy farm is expensive, but as production increases, these costs come down. This sort of government investment helps create new jobs, makes research into alternative energy sources feasible, lessens our reliance on fossil fuels, and reduces the highly toxic mercury and uranium pollution from coal-fired plants such as Nanticoke.

According to Nicholas Morgan, Vice-President of Morgan Solar Inc., “Morgan Solar Inc. has delivered on its mission to develop a highly efficient, low cost solar technology. With Ontario’s support we can take another step toward achieving our goal of making solar energy one of the most widely used and affordable power sources in the world.”

Solar Energy is one of the world’s fastest growing energy technologies. Since 2002, worldwide production of solar electricity has doubled every two years.

Commenting on the grant, John Milloy, Provincial Minister of Research and Innovation, stated that: “Ontario has a vision of being the North American leader in clean energy. By helping Morgan Solar, we are delivering on this vision while creating good jobs for Ontario families in a growing industry.”

These new modules comprise a few pounds of aluminum and optical material (principally acrylic), some electronics and tiny slivers of multi-junction photovoltaic cells. By eliminating almost everything that isn’t concentrating light or converting it into electricity, Morgan Solar has developed a lightweight, easy to assemble system that can be built at a fraction of the costs of competing photovoltaic systems.

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There is no mention of much energy one of these panels can crank out.


Valid point – this is the stock press release that was issued this week.

I’m more concerned that there isn’t footnote to this article that states that the residents of Cornwall that are served by Cornwall Electric – are not eligible for the incentives offered by the OPA microFIT program as they are not on the Ontario grid, but on the Quebec grid and thus do not qualify.

The Watcher

Good point, glassbowl. I’ll try to fill everyone in ASAP.


The Watcher
Virtualsolar. Yes, it was a press release that brought this to my attention, but I have tried to add extra information. As for Cornwall Electric, I’m not quite sure what the status is. You are right about most of our hydro here coming from Quebec (which is why we won’t suffer Smart Meters, at least, not yet). The Ontario Green Energy Program is supposed to apply to all of Ontario. Technically, I see no reason why the city could not participate in the microFit program, especially as, according to their website, Cornwall Electric does have some generating capacity of its… Read more »
Carlee Strano
My partner and i have really been looking into solar power for around a couple of years and as a result we finally made the actual decision based mostly on upon the combination of governtment incentive opportunities along with genuinely inexpensive lending. My partner and i will have been looking into solar power for nearly a calendar year and as a result the two of us finally made the commitment based mainly on the mixture of the governtment incentive options coupled with genuinely cost efficient credit. I genuinely cannot comprehend how reasonable everything was and additionally my partner and i… Read more »