Happy Father’s Day and Welcome to the RANT! Cornwall Ontario – June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day and Welcome to the RANT! Cornwall Ontario – June 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – We’re starting a RANT section to the Burning Yaks category here on The Cornwall Free News.  If there’s something you want to RANT about email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or call us on our hotline 613.361.1755

There are so many big things in the world to RANT about, but today I’m going to just let it out.   I hate shopping!  I really do.  Maybe it’s a guy thing, but part of what I do is sell advertising to our sponsors.

I just don’t get how some businesses spend money on promoting a service or product and then not having it?????

This weekend I had to cover a press conference and I passed a sign advertising Tomatoes for .99 per pound.   Well I thought, what a lovely day to make some Gazpacho so after working my day I drove all the way back and the sign was still there.

I bagged up some tomatoes; ripe ones as they work best for gazpacho and the cashier says they’re now $1.49 per pound.    I suggest she’s made an error as the sign outside in the morning, and now in the afternoon clearly stated .99 cents per pound and it’s why I came back.

I know.  It’s not the end of the world in the big picture, but as a consumer I have to tell you I really won’t be making any trips back to that store; especially for tomatoes!

In business errors happen.  Mistakes happen, but you always have to take care of your customers.   It’s rule one and sadly many businesses seem to forget that.

Today I went to another shop that was advertising something that just might make a good near summer meal, and I thought I’d surprise my wife.   Well sure enough they had none in stock.   Again, this can happen, but when you put a big sign in front of you store does it really help to not have the item?  Especially without offering a replacement or raincheck?   When you work as many hours as many of us do, do we have time to make a second trip back to a store?

Maybe, just maybe that store should’ve taken the letters off of their big sign until they had more in stock??

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?   Are you happy with your shopping experiences?  Do you know some places that do better than others?   You can post your comments below and to all of you out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

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I agree with what you are saying Jamie. I think that there are some businesses that think they are doing us a favour by opening their store and allowing us to buy products they want to sell us, not necessarily what is advertised on the sign. Then there are the price discrepancies. I bought some Vidalia onions that came in a bag. The sign said $2.99 per bag. The cashier scanned them at $3.99 At that point I objected that they were a dollar more than advertised. It took a good five minutes (and I apologize to the people in… Read more »
The Watcher
Hey Stan, Wal-Mart doesn’t screw around with prices? Seems I can get a better deal on ink-jet cartridges, for example, if I patronize one of the many fine establishments on Pitt Street, between 1st and 3rd Street. Oh, OK, I get what you mean about Wal-Mart not screwing around with prices. 🙂 What really gets me, however, is the price of milk here and in Massena. Up here, I get screwed for $1.69 or more for a can of evaporated milk – at ALDI’s, on the way into Massena, $0.69! Homo milk in Wal-Mart here: five dollars and something for… Read more »
ranting @ cornwall
What annoys me most about the stores and businesses in Cornwall is walking into a local store and the sales representatives (even the owners) have no knowledge about the products and services they are offering (although they are VERY GOOD at making it look they do). I don’t know how many times I hear a sales rep trying to explain something to a customer and when they are done, I will consult the customer and provide them with the right information. When it comes to buying any type of electronic device (computer, accessories, camera, cell phone, etc.), I gladly drive… Read more »
rant @ cornwall
Admin, I would love to shop locally. You know, in the past that is what I did. But unfortunately, I can’t say I do anymore. I didn’t mention anything about big box stores. In fact, I rather not to spend my money there. I enjoy walking into a store where the employees and even the owners are passionate about what they are doing. The information they give you isn’t coming from a sheet of paper. I don’t need someone to read me the specs from a sheet ( I can read, thanks). These people have been in the business forever… Read more »
rant @ cornwall

I’m not talking about price. I understand. I am ranting about bad service from people who don’t know what you’re talking about.

And again admin, you’re not comprehending what I’m saying… I did not buy and 8K system. I bought a computer, printer, little bit of software and a camera. All of these were purchased at separate stores where each store knew ther product and that’s why I chose to buy my equipment there.

Admin, Well you started out ranting about shopping and service in “some” stores/ business in Cornwall but it turned into quite the square dance. It was almost amusing (but definitely painful) to watch the doe-see-doe-ing you were performing around some of your sponsors. Maybe a rant about the very people you sell advertising space to wasn’t one of the better thought out plans. Have you always lived in Cornwall? Have you ever lived and shopped anywhere else? Do you think Cornwall has been hurt by Big Box Stores when no Big Box exists in Cornwall? If Big Box is hurting… Read more »

lol, Bobgeneric, that was awesome 🙂