Adult Community Healing Resource Centre Opens October 1, 2010 in Cornwall Ontario

Adult Community Healing Resource Centre Opens October 1, 2010 in Cornwall Ontario

Adult Community Healing Resource Centre Opens

Cornwall, ON – The Adult Community Healing Resource Centre will officially open on October 1, 2010 with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house. This centre is a one-of-a-kind project spearheaded by adult survivors of childhood abuse, some of whom were part of the Cornwall Inquiry. This centre will serve as a drop-in and resource centre for adults aged sixteen and over who have experienced childhood abuse. There will be women only evenings, men only evenings, co-ed, and family and youth evenings.

The open house will feature guest speakers; a performance by a Drumming Circle; and special guest Aboriginal Elder Grandma Irene Lindsay will perform a ritual opening and closing ceremony. The open house, located at 125 Amelia Street – back entrance will be open to the public from 6-9 PM. For more information about the centre and its hours please call 613-932-1755 Ext. 29 or Email:

For many years survivors of child abuse in Cornwall and the surrounding areas have sought a place of their own to facilitate healing and reconciliation in community, with community and for our entire community. The Adult Community Healing Resource Centre will be a model within our community that focuses primarily on the participant’s needs. We dedicate our service not only to a person’s need for assistance, but also to the soul’s call for help. Our commitment is to individual self-healing for the betterment of individuals and community.

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Chris Chevalier
The Adult Community Healing Resource Centre is a much-needed resource in this area and I applaud the efforts of those involved in bringing it to fruition. Sadly, the “powers that be” have chosen to house this service at a centre that has been known as a refuge, a safe space for women who are survivors of sexual assault. It has long been known that women who have survived sexual assault and are working towards healing are often uncomfortable around males. The premise behind the Sexual Assault Support Services of SDG and A has long been that women deserve a safe… Read more »

It is a good idea, and all the best to people needing the services!!!!!
We must watch that we only have one entity and one directive. All to often spin off centers form and are often not run under legislated parameters.

A perfect example is the teaching profession and old age homes, built to help but governed to make money.

Janet Handy
Thank you to those who commented on the ACHRC opening. Here at SASS we have taken into consideration all aspects of this new opportunity to help sexual assault victims. We want to assure women that SASS will continue to be a safe haven for women. SASS has every intention of continuing awareness and support for women and to end the sexual assault oppressions that women experience. What SASS needs are more women willing to continue this work, while at the same time supporting the next step forward. Has the fight for women’s equality ended? Not at all… it is just… Read more »
Donna Leroux
The Blind Leading the Blind ~ The Adult Community Healing Resource Centre is only one of the many key recommendations given by Commissioner Normand Glaude. This Centre is like offering a cancer patient a Peer Support Group without providing medical treatment for the cancer. The support from other cancer survivors would be extremely helpful but would not provide healing for the cancer. The same goes for survivors of sexual abuse. They need qualified Psychotherapists to provide the proper treatment to heal from the effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse. It is unfortunate that certain people have taken advantage of vulnerable individuals… Read more »
Marge Laprade
Same old! Same old! I personally know of occurrences where survivors in peer support groups were re-traumatized because of the behaviours of other survivors who were untreated by therapy. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts as Ms. Leroux inferred so eloquently in her comment. As is the case for any trauma, treatment by qualified individuals is the only answer, then peer support can accompany and follow as a complement. Again adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse are being offered and given ‘crumbs’ instead of a loaf of bread and left to wonder why they came forward publicly to be… Read more »
no justice

Chris Chevalier I agree with you 100 % this is the wrong location when this group have been turned down by so many places why here in jeopardy of women’s safety in the community. Lets face it is it not time to move on and let the survivors heal instead of leading them down the garden path to nowhere except where they began. Realizing that no one will or can do anthing to help survivors find justice.

There is your bottom line!


yous are all right and rong we can help SDG.A you wight and letter but you you are not in the shores of men or women how sexual abuse you have no feels for men and women how haves sexual abuse why dont you come and see for yourself and talk to the WC