Canada’s Democracy In Jeopardy – Conservative Partisan Politics Get Nasty Nationally and in SD&SG Ontario – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – March 30, 2011

Canada’s Democracy In Jeopardy – Conservative Partisan Politics Get Nasty Nationally and in SD&SG Ontario – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – March 30, 2011

Cornwall ON – They say that Politics is a blood sport, but this election seems to be amping up much more so than the usual.

As I sift through emails and phone calls today I’m hearing a lot of chatter about the Green Party.   While I’m sure Elizabeth May would rather get buzz on other subjects at least they’re getting buzz.

Frankly I’m a bit embarrassed today to be a Canadian.  While we’re allegedly dropping bombs on Libyans loyal to their leader, and teaching Afghanistanis how to roll up the rim and eat beavertails our Mainstream media are slashing Democracy in our country by trying to keep a National leader from a debate televised over public airwaves for the flimsiest of reasons.

Why?   Well I can’t answer that.  I can only guess, and either I’m a bad guesser or didn’t drink enough coffee today as I can’t come up with a legitimate or justifiable reason for this sort of fiasco.

Apparently neither can the leaders of the political parties as they’ve all mumbled noises about they having no problems with Ms May participating.   Stephen Harper even suggested a one on one debate with Mr. Ignatieff which I really like the idea of.

Locally though things seem to be taking a more sinister and partisan focus.   We have a failed Conservative Candidate, Chris Savard, using his role as a the manager of a Shopping Mall to evict a Green Candidate for campaigning and then a newspaper writing an editorial essentially supporting the former Conservative candidate while sporting a sign on their lawn for the local Conservative candidate in the Federal election.

I even hear rumblings that the local Chamber of Commerce is about to host an all candidates debate, but have all of the panel and moderator be Conservatives?   Surely with 700+ members they could find at least one Liberal and one NDP to participate which would pretty much represent the voter turnout?   As a matter of fact I’ve heard that Mr. Savard himself is to be one of the panel and after this issue I surely hope that would be remedied if Mr. Savard was to be on the panel?

What do you think viewers?  Should elections be allowed to sink to these levels?  Should our own Democracy not be protected and practiced?

And a final note.  In this short election I hope that we get a good voter turnout.   This is an important election locally and Nationally.

If you don’t vote you can’t complain!

You may post your comments below.

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Diane Marshall
You are right where my heart is Jamie! I am sad to see also I am the only one commenting. What does it take to get Canadians (mainly Cornwall) to be interested in this election. Sadly I am concerned it is the poorest of poor who will not vote and they are the ones who need change the most. We are headed for extreme bad times if Conservatives are re-elected, still hard time if Liberals are elected. I think we as Canadians should show these two parties its not about them anymore .I won’t be voting for either of them… Read more »

Who exactly will the moderator be and who will be sitting on the panel? Names, please.

The reason is same as it was previously… because she nor her party have a seat in Parliament. The thinking is to give the limited time and attention to the three mainstream parties that are represented on the Hill. The Greens are not viewed as a force to have any real impact on election results. I believe the thinking is to enhance flow and intensity of the debate by focusing upon the key players. In past it was tradition that a party not elected to Parliament was not a participant in debates… for example the Communist Party and the Rhinoceros… Read more »
Admin…. John has moderated before and will be fair and professional… unbiased as a moderator. Also his radio persona and community involvement makes him a good choice. Diane… true it is sad more people to not get involved and to express themselves. On a friend is strong Liberal; myself a strong Conservative and on Facebook we often debate. It is good debate because it is civil and factual which makes so each of us can learn and gain perspective. Neither of us will change our opinion this election and so we do not try to change each others opinion, we… Read more »
Regarding the panel I do not know the circumstance that has it with the persons it is, however I certainly do not see it as a planned aspect. I am sure the candidates also do not see it as such or they would make issue. Persons of other affiliations could be part of the four person panel and it would create better optics. Personally optics and political correctness have dominated political issues enough in my opinion and is of little interest to me. Still, you have created so I become aware and with a curiosity. Since you have put the… Read more »
I am not sure we truly have anything relating to right and left wing politics in Canada. It is something out of Frances history on who sat on what side of the room. Right, right-wing politics is generally relating to support for preserving traditional social orders and hierarchies. Right wing politics emphasizes the need for the principles of natural law and moral order I think that sounds more of what the NDP are trying to promote. Left, left-wing and leftist are generally used to describe support for social change to create a more equal society. Again the ideals appear closer… Read more »