Gambling on the Future of Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – April 15, 2012

Gambling on the Future of Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – April 15, 2012

CFN – With the Province of Ontario considering new locations for OPG Casinos the conversation has started again here in Cornwall.

Cornwall is in a perfect strategic location for a Casino.  Morals debate aside, if you’re going to have a Casino in any city in this region, Cornwall is a choice location.

Waterfront development will make or break this city that is searching for its soul after losing most of its industrial Mill history.   While inept politicians mumble things about Tourism while funding an all but useless tourism bureau and having just lost it’s Provincially funded tourism outlet, a Waterfront Casino outlet would definitely give people a reason to stop.

The arguments against Casino’s while valid in certain senses, really don’t stick on others as there is a Casino just over the bridge on the US side of Akwesasne.

Millions of dollars flow from Cornwall each year into the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino with no benefit to Cornwall.  As a matter of fact it’s a drain.   It’s interesting that one of the largest gaming demographic are seniors, and any visit to the Casino will testify that.  Citizens of Cornwall can’t work there as it’s stateside and even the bridge crossing fees don’t go into local coffers.

A Cornwall Casino would keep almost all of the local dollars spent in Akwesasne local.  Local people would be employed at jobs that pay greater than the local average income.

Is it rosy and wonderful?  No, but any industry has pros and cons.  I’ve heard some people wanting a Walmart Super Store in Cornwall; but the impact on local small business would be brutal.  A casino in this situation? I just don’t see any extra negatives.

A waterfront OLG casino would surely attract development as well.

The question is whether local politicians will follow the lead set by former councilor Mark A MacDonald in supporting one?   The Paris Holding Lands are ready and waiting; and if not there, there are other spots especially if you think outside of the box.

Development will come to Cornwall.  The questions will be whether it’s “Old Boy” business as usual or something progressive that puts the city’s needs first.

It’s something that every citizen in Cornwall that’s fed up with high tax rates should be considering and talking about.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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There are cities that epitomize boredom: with their nondescript architecture, cookie-cutter shopping malls and corporate-franchised culture, they exude a dull vibe that can be found anywhere around the world. And then, of course, there are the grand cities of the past that conjure up magical images simply by mentioning their names: mythical places like Atlantis swallowed by the sea, Babylon from the Old Testament condemned for its hubris, or Pompeii buried by a volcano. Some metropolises make all of humanity proud: eternal Rome, fun-loving Rio de Janeiro, and indefatigable New York. Others are examples for the rise or fall of… Read more »
The Watcher
Sorry, it doesn’t matter how one rationalises it, the very last thing Cornwall needs is a casino, when there are so many other projects that deserve our attention and support. There are too many Cornwallites who are simply too *stupid* to be trusted in a Casino without spending their children’s food, clothing, and school money. Sorry, that sounds harsh, but it’s true. The only reason their kids get anything at all is because at the moment these people are confined to lottery tickets, and the only thing that protects these children is that their parents are too stupid (or criminal)… Read more »
David Kapland

Watch the video casino lawyers had banned from YouTube. Facebook: Casino Surveillance Scam. Or google: Windsor Casino Surveillance Scam

Mary Anne Pankhurst
Glad the issue of demographics is raised by CFN. Some years back when Professor David Foot (Author of Boom, Bust and Echo) cautioned Cornwall about investing in a giant sports complex (based on demographics and specifically declining birth rates) someone on council was quoted saying, “Well, we’re going to buck the trend.” It’s a quote that still amuses me. But yes, seniors (demographically) DO make up a sizable percentage of the gaming target audience. I won’t be there but know many people my age who regularly go to casinos. The following is a link to an interesting analysis developed for… Read more »

Since the kids of today are the adults of tomorrow, design contests should be encouraged for the high schools and even college. Different headings could be used for a few choice locations with various concepts of what could go those lands.
Sub headings then could be for digital and free hand concepts and drawings.
It would get people talking at least, but access from the bridge and 401 is important.


Living here in Welfare & ODSP Heaven (Cornwall), the last thing we need is another outlet to throw our money at. We don’t need a casino here, there’s one across the bridge. Dalton is just looking for tax revenues. Lets not give it to him!

Darcy Neal
I am all for free enterprise activities engaged by private individuals and private business associations. However, I do not endorse nation state enterprises that have near monopoly protection against competition by government laws. If private investors so desire to establish a touristic appealing casino gambling industry in Cornwall, so let it happen by market forces. If individuals so wish to gamble or not to gamble that is their own individual choice. But some people authorize themselves to act as the Peoples Parents, guarding people from their own decisions. It must be their personal nanny state orientated personality that promotes themselves… Read more »