Who at City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Ordered a Report over 100 Letter Campaign Motion by Maurice Dupelle?

Who at City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Ordered a Report over 100 Letter Campaign Motion by Maurice Dupelle?

Bob not happyCFN – And the bizarre twists of Mayor Kilger and his council towards a simple motion to link from the City of Cornwall’s Facebook page and websites to support our now cancelled 100 Letter campaign rolled out in the latest agenda released today.

Councillor: Maurice Dupelle
WHEREAS one of Council’s and Administration’s mandate is to promote a positive image of
Cornwall; and
WHEREAS Council and Administration do partner with businesses, agencies along with print
media, web media, radio and TV to get that positive message on the great things Cornwall has
to offer; and
WHEREAS Cornwall Free News (CFN) has initiated a “Top 100 Letters Campaign” on why
Cornwall, Ontario, is so amazing. People send good news letters on why Cornwall is so
amazing that are then placed on the CFN site. Visitors to the site can vote for the one they feel
is the best; and
WHEREAS in January CFN had 41,530 unique visitors to its web site which speaks volumes in
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council direct Administration to partner with CFN
in its”Top 100 Letters Campaign” and allow portals to the Cornwall Facebook site along with the
City’s website.

Moved By: Maurice Dupelle, Councillor
Seconded By: André Rivette, Councillor


Motion to DEFER this matter.
Moved By: Elaine MacDonald, Councillor
Seconded By: Syd Gardiner, Councillor


A recorded vote on this matter resulted as follows:
Votes For = 5
Bob Kilger, Mayor
Elaine MacDonald, Councillor
Bernadette Clément, Councillor
Syd Gardiner, Councillor
Denis Carr, Councillor


Votes Opposed = 4
Maurice Dupelle, Councillor
André Rivette, Councillor
Glen Grant, Councillor
Gerald E. Samson, Councillor
Councillor: André Rivette

Now that was a pretty clear motion.    The Mayor protested at first that it was a security issue, then he and certain councilors suggested the motion wasn’t fair dinkum and then they scrambled to get a deferral.   In the week that passed the city quickly stamped it’s choose cornwall logo on a rival media copy cat program (without submitting to council)  and that gave CFN cause to simply not wish to divide the public on support for the city and we cancelled our program.

Today, funny enough though the new agenda came out with a report, which was not ordered in open council and seemed to rewrite the motion set forth by councilor Dupelle and seconded by councilor Rivette.


DEPARTMENT: Department of Economic Development
PREPARED BY: Mark A. Boileau, Manager Economic Dev.
REPORT DATE: 02/20/2013
MEETING DATE: Feb 25, 2013 07:00 PM


SUBJECT: Sponsorship Package Request – 100 Letter Campaign, Cornwall Free News

PURPOSEA New Business item (attached) was tabled at the Council meeting of February 11, 2013 resolving “that Council direct Administration to partner with CFN in its Top 100 Letters Campaign and allow portals to the Cornwall Facebook site along with the City’s website”. The matter was deferred by Council. The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an outline of the request from Cornwall Free News for a sponsorship package on the Campaign, as well as the City’s response and background information.



That Council receive this report



Should Cornwall Free News elect to accept the offer from the City, it would have a cost within the Economic Development budget of $500 in merchandise from the 2013 budget.


Norm Levac, CAO and Mark Boileau, Manager, Economic Development met with Jamie Gilcig on January 22, 2013 to generally discuss advertising, and to hear more about the 100 Letter Campaign being presented by Cornwall Free News. Later that day, we received a proposal in writing from Mr. Gilcig, as attached. Following that document is the written response from Mr. Levac, as well as the Motion by Council referenced in his response letter, on the subject of City advertising. In addition to the sponsorship request it is believed that the request to have a link from the City’s website and Facebook pages to the CFN website would currently be in contravention with Council’s motion..

Mr. Dupelle’s motion as you can clearly see above did not request any compensation or cash element, or golf shirts.  It was a simple request to link via the internet.

Odd huh?   Wanna see odd.   Here’s the video from the motion again.

I know.   I can’t figure it out either.  Maybe you, our amazing viewers can and will post your comments below.


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David Oldham
David Oldham

Jamie this is simply an example of how when one has a vested interest in the outcome of a particular situation that by combining all the facts surrounding an issue and rolling them into one lump one can make the situation seem something quite different from the TRUTH.
Sadly, once again, an example of the incompetence of people in a position of trust. Or was it deliberate and calculated? That would be even worse as I can forgive ignorance but not lies and deceit.

David Oldham
David Oldham

I hear you Jamie, fortunately there as of yet is no law against reporting the truth or restriction on the courage to say it. You are not alone and if you persevere and continue to build on this format more will come and positive change will come of it all. I believe this to be true that is why I chose to use my real name. I am not afraid to have an opinion, to stand corrected, to apologize when appropriate or to speak the plain truth or reality of a situation. I am only afraid of having done nothing… Read more »


Wow! Just wow!


Burn em all. Burn em with Rick’s nose sweat.

concerned citizen 2
concerned citizen 2



Thank You Maurice Dupelle for trying to Make Honesty a policy for the City of Cornwall. The site could also be monitered. A new bright motivated person could change this City and make it prosperous, and Healthy again, so people will want to plant there roots and make a good life in Cornwall. Ideas are endless in the right hands. Kudo’s to all that make a stand to Honesty and Integrity

City RN
City RN

Sick’em Maurice and Andre and bravo for your perseverance for what is right!!!! These people are in “save face” mode and they will do and say anything to protect the public from knowing the truth, even if it means refusing to promote Cornwall. If you can’t do your job right then get out!


David,Love your post especially…I am not afraid to have an opinion, to stand corrected, to apologize when appropriate or to speak the plain truth or reality of a situation. I am only afraid of having done nothing at all.

Should become our mantra


City of Brockville has no problem with links on their webpage:
Local Media
103.7 BOB FM
104.9 JRfm
Brock News
Information Radio
Know Brockville
Living in Brockville
Recorder and Times
SNAP Brockville
St. Lawrence EMC


Jamie I have to jump in here. I remember you said that you lived in Los Angeles California for a while and I believe that you travelled somewhat. A lot of people in Cornwall have not travelled beyond the limits of Cornwall and surrounding areas and they have their little “cliques” and they hide behind that clique because they think that it gives them power over others. When people leave Cornwall they become shocked in many ways because they have to leave a lot of their old ways behind since nobody cares who they are. Here in Ottawa there are… Read more »