Do you believe Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Did Crack? Or Never Feud with a Media Outlet! POLL

Do you believe Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Did Crack? Or Never Feud with a Media Outlet!   POLL

jg2CFN – One of the hottest news stories in Canada right now is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.   Ford is alleged to be on a video showing him adeptly using a crack pipe while calling Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau a “fag”.

Mayor Ford made some half baked denials and then has hid the holiday weekend for the most part while his story has gone far and wide.


New York ran a page; “20 Things Worth Knowing About Toronto’s Crack-Smoking Mayor, Rob Ford”

Here’s a charming video where if I’m understanding Mayor Ford correctly he wants to “lynch” the homeless?

Chez Network!  (notice the mayor didn’t hit the panic button!)

A very John Candy moment.

And of course Mayor Ford is famous for his feud with the Toronto Star.   I can tell you it’s totally retarded to “feud” with a strong media outlet or even a weak one for that matter.   Media outlets are like guns.  Harmless unless someone pulls the trigger.  They don’t start feuds. Only really really ignorant and dumb politicians have them and they usually end up looking like……Rob Ford.

Frankly does the Toronto Star run the video story if there is no feud?  In my very humble opinion I think not.  When trickles of our own Paul Fitzpatrick/Donna Derouchie scandal hit CFN’s desk in late 2009 I told the snitch that I don’t care who sleeps with who.

Of course when the former CAO helped Mayor Kilger start his own feud with CFN the files were opened.

Media outlets get metric tons of content crawl over our screens and desks daily.  We have to disseminate which pieces to use, when, or even if.   It’s an interesting field in so many ways as Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto is discovering.

A simple solution of course is for Mayor Ford to agree to some good old fashion drug testing; and while that won’t conclusively be an answer to the veracity of the video, which I’m sure will be on You Tube at some point, it’s a start.

I get why voters placed Mayor Ford in Toronto, and I kinda agree in some ways.  He’s an Anti-Politician.  He says what he thinks.  Of course that can backfire especially if you’re not a deep thinker.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Do you believe that Rob Ford enjoyed some crack?

You can post your comments below and vote in our poll.

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Toronto Star has officially hit tabloid status as far as I`m concerned. Every week they post a huge story about some absurd accusation against the mayor. A week later it fizzles out when people realize its bull. There`s a reason that the people who claim to have seen the video will only say that it his him in it and won`t say that he`s smoking a crack pipe. Liberal media makes me laugh. The ignorant sheeple who believe it make me laugh even harder.

on a real think about this, many years ago he used to hang out at a strip joint in the rexdale area, he is the mayor of Toronto y the heck wouldn’t he pull a marion berry get a hotel with some hookers? y not party with the bikers mob triads y street gangs like the crips if he was afraid of extortion wouldn’t like to think he is smarter than that where poverty in hood forces n breeds opportunists? maybe he took a page outa what the politicians do in Kingston Jamaica, hire gunmen to do they dirty or… Read more »
Mary Anne Pankhurst
@gimme-a-break: the people (two Toronto Star reporters) don’t ‘claim’ to have seen the video they did see the video…3 times if my memory serves me. It was shown to them by some drug dealers in Toronto. And the reporters don’t say it’s the mayor because they rightly say it looks like the mayor…meaning they’re admitting it could be later determined it’s a man who simply looks like the mayor. That means they’re doing the right thing. Remember the nude pics of Prince in Vegas last year? Uhhh…I guess people could have said: it looks like Harry and he appears to… Read more »
@Jimmy. I just can’t believe that if the T Star actually had something this substantial to hold against him, they wouldn’t do everything in their power to get the video. These journalists will tell you that it’s unethical to purchase info. Is it not unethical to print such heinous accusations without proof? I’m not just talking about this video. Let’s not forget the famous ass grab or his drunken night at the ball. Like everything else they print, it will lose it’s steam after a couple of days with no new developments. The libs love to cry about attack adds.… Read more »

Who knows but pictures are doctored up and I don’t really think that Mayor Ford would stoop that low. Politicians are always “cracked up” anyways even without the drugs they are brainless.

As for Prince Harry he has a reputation and yes I believe everything there is about him and his grandmother gave him hell when he went home – it was embarrassing enough what Diana did and now her sons turn to continue where she left off.

Mary Anne Pankhurst

@gimme. I see your points. But the price for the video is very steep. The Star is likely playing a waiting game. If there are no buyers, among Canadian media, the video will surface. Someone richer will cough up the money just because they can…just like Wright came up with over $90K for Mr. Duffy.

Something’s bound to come out sooner or later, and if you’re right, the Star will have to eat crow. If the accusations are wrong, Ford can sue, and retire.


Best mayor ever. I wouldn’t wipe my dog stinky old ass with the Star.

Peter Clarke
Time for the Toronto Star media corporation to Put Up or Shut Up on Their Allegations based on a Phantom video and Hear-Say . Unverified but alleged crack cocaine phantom video hearsay and apparently viewed in the back seat of a car as suggested by Toronto Star employees for their alleged story DOES NOT MEET the SMELL TEST of RELIABILITY! However it does sell newspapers in the media’s never ending attempt of character assassination politically directed at Toronto’s Mayor Ford! So called journalists or reports and their media bosses know that what they are doing is reckless and shows no… Read more »
I think that if Mayor Ford of Toronto used crack cocaine it would show in his demeaner right away. I can’t see anything that would indicate that he uses or used crack cocaine. What I think is that some people are trying to take him down by any means that they can. It is like some sort of a witch hunt on the man. I am not saying that the man is an angel or anything like that – he could be doing other things that are strange but I cannot see him doing crack cocaine. Politicians are mighty strange… Read more »