City Mum on Secret Training Session Same Day as Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley Court Hearing – May 23, 2013

City Mum on Secret Training Session Same Day as Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley Court Hearing – May 23, 2013
Bernie Boo Boo
Cornwall Councilor Bernadette “Bernie Boo Boo” Clement

CFN – An odd time to call a super secret special training session of City council don’t you think?  That’s exactly what the City of Cornwall is doing.  At near the same time as $1,000 per hour lawyer Will McDowell will be trying to have the case for the city covering the legal cost of Whistleblower of Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley dismissed, Mayor Kilger has set up a special secret training session.

The city is refusing to divulge why this training is secret, what type of training it is, for example Media Relations, or for that matter such questions asked of them such as whether any attorneys will be present or even why such training should be “in camera”?

Emails were not returned by the Mayor or council as of press time.

Councilors MacDonald, Murphy, Clement, Dupelle, Gardiner, Thibault have not phoned either.

Of course having such a training session at the same time as the court hearing ( 10AM and open to the public) could be construed as a means for council to avoid having to be present at the proceedings and answering questions from the public or media afterwards?

The city has not offered any defense in their court documents.  They are only asking that the request be dismissed by the court which of course would resolve the issue or bring to public what has really happened and why as some estimates have the cost to taxpayers at over $3,ooo,000 and counting in legal costs, settlements, and litigation since the Glen Stor Dun Lodge story of elder abuse broke over two years ago!

What do you think Cornwall?  Should the city answer some basic questions?  You can post your comments below.

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I had a good laugh reading this and Bare Ass and his gang of thugs all know that they are guilty. I am waiting to see how they are going to weasel their way out of this. Get ready for bankruptcy Fossoli.


Only if they win……should be an adjunct to their settlement.


The city will not answer any questions unless Cornwallites show pretty dam soon that they will no longer tolerate Mayor,s conflicts of interest & corruption.Why should they? I believe that their $1000hr lawyer is advising them to PRETEND to be unconcerned about the court case tomorrow at 10am.Mayor has all the consent he needs when good men & women do nothing.Silence means consent & they really do not mine having to pay higher taxes for all the mayor,s B S


i will appreciate hearing if any members of council show up for this. attending a training session instead of supporting a city employee who has stated he was bullied and that power was abused is a poor decision. stand up now and do the right thing.

Christopher Cameron

Jamie wishing I could be in the courtroom to listen to the sordid details but I have to work.
Looking forward to a follow up story on this.

First of all, Jamie, would you please confirm that the courthouse is the one across from Cornwall Square. Secondly, how suddenly was this secret training session arranged and who might the facilitator be? I agree that it most likely has to do with media relations and what Council can and cannot say with regards to this case so most likely a lawyer will be in attendance to push the intimidation. Where does it say that if you run for any level of politics, you have to be willing to give up your soul and cowtow to dictator leaders. It’s prominent… Read more »

I hope the judge has the courage to ask two simple questions to start this court hearing..

1. Mr. Kilger, can you please confirm for the record who is paying your legal fees?

2. Mr. Hickley can you confirm for the record who is paying your legal fees?


I wonder… who people would vote for today.


I do hope that they get rid of the list where they fill in councellors with and the ward system is the way to go. For such a tiny town 10 councellors is a mighty big waste of money. Get with it folks and stop the bleeding of the money from Bare Ass and his gang of thugs. Big changes are needed and needed now not tomorrow but right now before Cornwall really goes under for sure and that doesn’t take much for that to happen.