Alexander Auto in Cornwall Ontario Picketed by Unhappy Customer – June 20, 2013

Alexander Auto in Cornwall Ontario Picketed by Unhappy Customer – June 20, 2013

Alexander AutoCFN – For most people a vehicle is the largest purchase they make next to buying a home.   For Shirley Brunet her birthday gift to herself of a 2007 Dodge Caliber turned into a nightmare.     To the point that Ms Brunet and her family were picketing Alexander Auto in Cornwall Ontario as they are refusing to resolve the issue to her satisfaction.

In the video below she complains of issues with the car that she not only alleges that Mr. John Alexander, CEO, refused to fix, but she states lied about even bothering to repair!

Mr. Alexander spoke briefly with CFN and said that he had no intention of refunding the car and then became irate and stated that he had no further comment.

dodge caliburMs Brunet & her family said they’d keep picketing Alexander Auto until he refunds her car or has it fixed properly.

Alexander Auto is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and has no rating.

We will be updating this story as it evolves.    Do you have any lemons or laurels for Car Dealerships in the area?  Email with your stories!

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Jamie “hate” is a mighty strong word to use and no I don’t hate Cornwall. I hate the way the administration is run, I hate the way some people stick their heads in the sand and don’t want to make improvements for the town and dance at every tune that the clique make them do. The town of Cornwall itself is a nice place if only the people would wake up and see it for what it is and stop dancing to the tune of the clique and see themselves for what and who they are. A lot of places… Read more »

Well….part of Ottawa’s problem is that they don’t plan well. In numerous locations you will have high end homes right across the street or in the same area as low income housing. That’s just asking for trouble.

Hugger you are absolutely right. Right behind me there are homes in the area of $700K to the area of a million or more. On my street and the ones right near are homes in the $400, 450 and upwards to $500K. Below me are townhouses both sold and rented and are eyesores. Yes you are right indeed when you said that there would be expensive homes on one spot and low income in another and we are surrounded by low income housing nearby and it is mighty dangerous. In past years there was very little problems compared to today.… Read more »