Mayor John Henry of Oshawa Ontario Responds to Council Incident – September 9, 2013

Mayor John Henry of Oshawa Ontario Responds to Council Incident – September 9, 2013

HenryCFN – Mayor John Henry of Oshawa Ontario sent  us a statement for publication after the incident in his council last week that resulted in several members of the public being hauled away by police.  LINK

The beginning of each Council meeting begins with the following preamble, which provides members of the audience with the expected level of behavior while in Council Chambers.


“Welcome everyone, to this meeting of City Council. I would like to advise that during these meetings we have a certain level of decorum which is to be maintained and rules which are to be followed. Please be advised that anyone who is disruptive to the meeting can consider this their one and only warning and if their disruption continues, they will be asked to leave.”


Council Chambers is a place where citizens of all ages of the community can come forth to present and listen to matters of council. During the Council meeting on  September 3, five members of the public were given the opportunity to present their opinions related to the George Rust-D’Eye report.  A member of the public became disruptive and therefore, as head of council, I asked and gave notice to the member that they were receiving their one and only warning and if their disruption continued, they would be asked to leave.


When the member of the public continued to be a disruption, I asked that he remove himself from Council Chambers.  The Municipal Act provides the head of council the ability “ to expel any person for improper conduct at a meeting.”


I provided the person an opportunity to take responsibility for his actions. He chose not to leave when requested and therefore a security officer was asked to escort him out of council Chambers. 

Individuals must take responsibility for their own decision on how they leave council.


Mayor John Henry

We sent the mayor some follow up questions and will update if they ever are answered.

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L. Davidson
Having watched the council meeting streamed online, I suggest that Mayor Henry is not accurate in his press release. Members were pointed to by a security guard before the security guard accosted the members. In the case of both Bill Steele and Daniel Hammond, the security guard grabbed these men as they attempted to gather their belongings as they prepared to leave. This was evident on videos taken by private citizens. Not only did the security guard grab them but they were also attacked by what appeared to be armed thugs. Mr. Steele was bleeding and I watched as Mr.… Read more »
J. Wearing
I completely agree with the previous poster. Having these 3 armed undercover police wrestling around on the floor with their side arms flopping all over the place posed a huge safety risk to the people in the crowd. Many people thought these guys had just jumped in to join a fight. Two of them looked like rough bikers. Someone could have grabbed one of the guns, thinking the person was a criminal. Further, there was never any need for them to be there. If the Mayor wanted police presence, he could have arranged for uniformed police, or called the police.… Read more »
Rose McConkey
Mayor Henry is now running around trying to explain away a terrible situation that was largely his making due to his inability to take charge of a meeting. After three years as Mayor he still shows he does not know how to chair a meeting. It’s amazing and embarrassing really how he does not have command of Rogers Rules. In fact, it’s become a pattern, this blame of others for problems the result of his weak leadership. I was there, in the Council Chamber Sept 3rd, as one of a group of residents who held a peaceful rally before the… Read more »
I saw that incident on video and it was like looking at the WWE wrestling. Things like this go on in other countries and much worse than that. It is going to come a time where people are going to be mighty fed up of what is going on and believe me these incidents are going to keep on going until we really do something about it and put in the necessary changes. I believe in ousting out the “clique” and the “corrupted mayor and council” and throwing them out to God knows where but throwing them completely out of… Read more »
Miss Steak

Go get ’em jules

brent regnier

I assure you..this unprovoked attack on private citizens in Oshawa’s council chambers, directed by our Mayor, will be remembered in the polls come October.