2014 Municipal Budget – Dog and Pony show – Mark A MacDonald on Cornwall Ontario Budget – LTE

2014 Municipal  Budget – Dog and Pony show – Mark A MacDonald on Cornwall Ontario Budget – LTE

mark sept 2013Letter to the Editor:

Things have to change. There is no way the taxpayers in Cornwall can continue on the “never ending road” of property tax increases.

If we used a system of revenue based budgeting it would mean that we only spend what we take in, it’s that simple.

This Council raised taxes last year but then found a few million dollars to pay for settlements to employees.

Every year City Council puts us through the same dog and pony show. It’s time to say, enough us enough.

Mark A. MacDonald

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Decades of corruption and bad management. Imagine if we would of had good honest polititians fifty years ago and up to the present, perhaps other municipalities would envy Cornwall.
Ever wonder why alot of people that work in Cornwall making good salaries and live in nice homes live on the outside of Cornwall. It’s because the property tax are about half and so is the water tax. We need drastic changes but nobody wants to make waves.


The province needs to address some union, service and arbitration methods/costs that are out of the hands of local governments. Not picking on any one group, we just can’t afford continuous raises and better pensions for public services groups forever.


David Oldham
I have mentioned the following concept in this forum on previous occasions. Tie the maximum municipal tax increase to the actual rate of inflation for the prior year. Borrowing cannot exceed, in any given budgetary segment, beyond a predetermined level without approval from the public at a minimum 60% acceptance. This concept of actual rate of inflation increases is not mine. Several communities already manage their municipalities in this manner. This format requires greater vision and planning which the community could only benefit from. I agree with ERIC on the sustainability of municipal remuneration. It is completely unrealistic to think… Read more »
David Oldham

ADMIN I have to agree that in light of the increases in the past two years ZERO is necessary.

Jane Doe

It appears to me that the city of Cornwall is living beyond it’s means We have buses powered by natural gas, nice equipment all around, the Benson center yet we have to pay for parking downtown.. WE ARE LIVING IN A BIGGER CITY’S pants when we should still be wearing diapers.. Taxes here are way too high…


People’s eyes gloss over with reading big numbers, often these documents can mislead or you need to find supporting documents somewhere else, but this gives an idea of where money is coming from and going.

Jamie, Yes, this council has spent recklessly in terms or termination, packages, forced retirements and astronomical legal fees etc. and without accountability they will continue this behaviour. At this point the reality of the budget is as identified by the manager of finance and there will be at least a 2% increase. Council may wish to point the finger at labour instead of themselves but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what the real problem with this city is. You will not see change until the tax payers collectively use their power on election day 2014.… Read more »
LOL LOL. As long as Bare Ass and his gang running the town nothing will change. You will have taxes coming in and out of your “you know what” and ask yourselves what you are paying for – a mighty polluted place called “The Benson Centre” which could be used as the city dump since it is highly polluted and nobody who is normal would set foot in there since it is full of cancers. All people are paying for is this place that should never have been built there as well as lawsuits (big fancy and hefty pockets like… Read more »
Corruption is a cancer that is eating away at society and if allowed to go untreated will eventually lead to a total breakdown of the law abiding society and ultimately the destruction of our democracies. The poorer People in Cornwall remain poorer thanks to corrupt Governments and equally corrupt corporations. The incestuous relationship between politics and big business in the small city Cornwall in Canada has led to an increase in corrupt practices in every sector as short term personal greed became more important than the well being of the people. Globalization and the removal of all monetary and banking… Read more »

Admin $281,000 spent in advertising ??? I am sure that CFN the largest most read media in the city could give the city a better deal than that and not have our city money wasted to promote some living magazine that noone in my opinion really reads but at my house is used to line the bottom of my recycle box.

Roland Besner
I do agree that the city needs to get away from paying out million dollar settlements to former employees. As far as revenue based budgeting that is fine, but as in other years we have had increased assessments and new tax revenue as a result of new buildings and has it got us ? Cornwall is at standstill and will continue this way unless the powers to be can take off blinders and realize what needs to be done to grow like many other municipalities. If we grow it means more houses, more people, more better paying jobs and most… Read more »