I Apologize for Error in Data in Our Sexual Assault Story of Wednesday October 2, 2013 by Jamie Gilcig

I Apologize for Error in Data in Our Sexual Assault Story of Wednesday October 2, 2013 by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – I wish to make a sincere apology to viewers of CFN.    Wednesday we ran a story about the numbers on Sexual Assaults on Cornwall Ontario.


We were supplied with some erroneous data on assaults.  The correct data actually show that Cornwall had more Sexual Assaults in 2012 than in 2010, the year it had the highest score in Canada according to Maclean’s magazine.  Our original story has been taken down.

The integrity of our coverage of any story is critically important to CFN and myself personally.

To err is human, but with a subject as important as the victims of horrible crimes here in Cornwall; especially after Project Truth, there can be no room for errors.

I apologize to any victims of Sexual Assault that were upset by our earlier report.   The numbers clearly show that we have a large way to go as a community to address the issues of how people are treated in our city.

2008 – 96

2009 – 85

2010 – 65

2011 – 74

2012 – 90

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News.

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RANK 2010


#1 Cornwall, Ont.


WOW says a lot about the town and people that live here!


There are 45,000 people +/-. There are at least 10,000 under 40 in common-law relationships living in marginal housing, uneducated, and on government assistance or wannabe gangsters. 90/10,000= about 1 in one hundred. If the drugs and booze are factored into poverty rage we have 1 in 450 overall in this city reporting sexual assault. when you figure in that half of these are recanted and the others mostly dismissed the figure is 3 legitimate rapes per year. Congrats Cornwall, the most hated city in Canada by bogus statistics.
Or is it the police budget?


When you factor in drunken Long Saultlians and natives in the city the number drops to -3.

truth by fire

Project Truth and Cornwall go hand in hand.

Jane Doe

This is sad indeed..

reality check
Looks like 420 is one of the problems that festers in Cornwall his statements about people from Long Sault and natives show just how bias and racist many people in Cornwall are . I have been to Long Sault many times over the years at all times of the day and have yet to see proof of that statement that makes them stand out out from the norm as for natives I know and have met over the years dozens of great law abiding native citizens that have to fight racism on a continuous basis the 420’s group them all… Read more »
Harry Valentine
Many years ago, government statistics indicated that Cornwall’s unemployment rate had dropped almost overnight, from near 20% to well below 10% . . . . with ZERO new jobs being added to the local economy. Statistics Canada changed the way by which they tabulated statistics . . . . people on social assistance were transferred to welfare . . . . and people on welfare are excluded from the unemployment numbers. With regard to statistics on ‘rape’, how exactly does Statistics Canada define ‘rape’ . . . . does their definition concur with the traditional definition, or do they include… Read more »
Reg Coffey

To quote Mark Twain (which he attributed to Disraeli in his autobiography);

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”


Excellent Reg,and the writer I earlier referred to was the originator Maclean’s magazine not cfn just in case someone is confused


Sad…. Many victims in this city. I guess the city has a rep for protecting these sick individuals, thats what you can expect.