A Profile on Brock Frost Cornwall Ontario Council Candidate by E.V. Hutcheon Jan 13, 2014

A Profile on Brock Frost Cornwall Ontario Council Candidate by E.V. Hutcheon Jan 13, 2014

brock frost SUBMCornwall Ontario – Born and raised in Cornwall Ontario, Brock Frost is a proud citizen of the city. He is widely known for his passion in real estate, business, and traveling, as well as his love for entrepreneurship.


Brock is a young, energetic citizen of Cornwall, so it only seems natural that he would decide to run for City Council sooner or later. Brock explains,


On a personal level, I am 32, single, born and raised in Cornwall, graduated from CCVS and have a BA in Economics from Queen’s University. I am also a Candidate Member with the Appraisal Institute of Canada.”


In the community, I founded the Cornwall Business Network (www.cornwallbusinessnetwork.com), Eagle’s Nest (Cornwall’s version of Dragon’s Den), created The Brock Frost Entrepreneurship Award (scholarship at CCVS), and volunteer continuously in the community alongside such organizations and events as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Santa Clause Parade, South Stormont Food Drive, Winterfest, Family Day and many others.”


When asked about his decision to run he simply stated,


This is always the first question people ask. And I will say that for me there was no choice to be made. Running for council is simply something I feel I must do. I have so many great plans for the City and want the opportunity to take charge and lead towards their implementation.”


Brock also has a great interest in politics, when asked how he was feeling due to his decision to run he stated,


I can sum up my feeling in one word – ecstatic! I have known I would be running for a long time so I have had lots of opportunity to plan my campaign and platform ideas.”


Brock also has the love and support from all of his family members.


My family has been great and is very supportive. The response from my peers though has been impressive to say the least. I have a lot of support behind me already and I look forward to the campaign.”


Brock was asked to mention a few of his planned policies to pass if he was elected. Perhaps there are a few concerns he has, that he feels should be addressed and changed, however, he was unable to give us much knowledge on the subject as he explains below.


Unfortunately at this moment, I am unable to discuss the specifics of my platform as I plan to do a release on February 1/14. However, I can say that my policies cover a wide range of important issues such as economic growth, transparency in government, arts and culture and taxation, among many others.”

He then also went on to explain,


Each and every one of my policies is designed to benefit the citizenry as a whole. Cornwall will be a new city once my platform is implemented. I will leave it at that for now.”

One main question I think everyone has for our candidates is
, what is one major issue that you would like to be either fixed or changed in the city of Cornwall? Unfortunately though, as Brock mentioned before he was unable to give us any of the specifics due to his future release date.


Again, without going in to any specifics of my platform at the moment, I can say that I have several major issues that I will be focusing on during my campaign and if elected, at the Council table.”


I only had one last real question for Brock at this point. Brock was asked,

Do you feel the votes are going to be in your favor? Brock simply said,


Interesting question. I think every candidate feels they have a good chance at being elected, myself included. I believe my policies will speak for themselves and I hope that the citizens of Cornwall elect me because what I will be bringing to the table.”

All in all, it seems that this young, politically minded member of Cornwall has change on his mind. As long as he continues to strive for a positive change, it should bring him to a bright future.

E.V. Hutcheon is a 2nd year St. Lawrence College Journalism Student.  She has professionally edited a Polish history book and is hoping to see her dream and passion of writing into a career. Previously living Toronto, E.V. is now a proud Cornwall citizen. On her off time you can usually find her at home writing her latest book, or walking along the St Lawrence River. 

Milena Cardinal

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Is “Brock Frost” his real name? Does he jump out of airplanes and wrestle crocodiles while bikini clad hotties take pictures and upload them to their Facebook pages? Good luck Cornwall.

Peter Jenkin
Peter Jenkin

Certainly don’t want to saying anything negative about a journalist in training but this is a NON story. Also don’t agree with “As long as he continues to strive for a positive change, it should bring him to a bright future”. St Larence College Journalism profs should teach students to leave editorial type comments from a news story. Mr Brock would also suggest you wait until you really have some policy positions before agreeing to a news story unless your just trying to boost your business Hey Furtzie we could also ask the same question about your cfn avatar although… Read more »

Mary Anne Pankhurst

This story could have been written in once sentence: Local real estate agent, Brock Frost, says he’s going to make Cornwall a “new city” if he’s elected to council but won’t be saying how until Feb. 1.

Dave Windsor
Dave Windsor

Brock Frost looks like just what the doctor ordered. At least he has shown a capacity to read. All the best Brock.

hailey Brown
hailey Brown

It would be interesting to dig deeper into Brock’s connections.

How can he place a real estate add that states he will buy the house if not sold in 90 days?

This makes him a scary individual if he has that much capital behind him

hailey Brown
hailey Brown

Is Brock running for Cornwall or his financiers? If the latter what is the mandate?