The Cornwall Free News This page has been placed in protest of the political smear against the editor of the Cornwall Free News, Jamie Gilcig It's against the Attorney General of Ontario, Madeleine Meilleur for allowing our local crown's office to have blatantly false police charges against him since February 2014 even though a production order has shown that no calls have been made as disclosed by Crown Jennifer Burke. It's about police that charge someone for making threatening phone calls without looking at their phone or phone records and then threaten media with further charges if content isn't removed. It's for the party that lied about the charges being allowed to post about Mr. Gilcig while Mr. Gilcig could be in breach by simply sharing what happened that day and stating the facts of this case that could identify that person, and how that party can't be charged for their actions until his false charges are withdrawn. It's about local police and the local crown refusing to lay charges against Ian Bowering for striking Mr. Gilcig on camera and admitting it on camera, and a few other cases. It's about a culture where those caught doing wrong are comforted by high levels such as our Mayor offering his thoughts to his bag man Gilles Latour after he was charged with multiple counts of fraud after a five month investigation yet having no words for the alleged victims. It's about a high ranking person of the community attending a parole board hearing for someone convicted of defrauding over $2M including wiping out the life savings of one Cornwall family and causing them to lose their home. It's about Jim Brownell not being stripped of his honorary Lt Colonel ranking of our Glens after supporting a man who not only desecrated the poppy; but then joked about it; with Mr. Brownell posting in their group with a profile pic of him in uniform. It's about the far too many other victims of the abuse of justice and the politicizing of the justice system in the City of Cornwall. It's about the destruction of the whistle blowers that have come forward at tax payer expense. It's about city staff thrown under the bus to cover up scandals. But mostly it's about the people who refuse to hold those responsible whether by supporting this culture or simply cowering from it. It's about those that call themselves media and either hide the truth or spin in it while criticizing the one local media that has told the truth to the public and paid the price financially. It's about a city management and council refusing to hold those responsible accountable for the Chem tanks on our waterfront and ramifications of the cover up. For all those reasons and more we are taking the Labour Day Weekend Off. See you on Tuesday....maybe....and if an emergency arises you can reach us at