EOHU Refuses to Comment on Forced Bilingual Protester Nurse Chris Cameron in Cornwall Ontario

cameron signCORNWALL Ontario – Nurse Christopher Cameron if anything is a very determined person.


Chris protest mcdHe has been protesting in front of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit which allegedly only hires bilingual staff in spite of Ontario not being a bilingual province and the vast majority of the city being English speakers.

When I attended to interview Mr. Cameron I asked the EOHU to speak to Dr. Paul or anyone.   After twenty minutes wait I was told that nobody would be available and a statement would be emailed to me, which it wasn’t.

eric hand puppet

(Eric Duncan Photo: Facebook)

I also visited MPP Jim McDonell’s office next door to the EOHU.  The MPP was not present, but Eric Duncan, campaign Guru, Warden of the Counties, and Mayor of North Dundas was.  Sadly he hid behind the walk in cooler in the back room refusing to speak to me which was most bewildering…

Mr. Cameron did state that Eric brought him a hot dog while they had their office opening the day before.

One of the most frustrating things that Mr. Cameron and his supporters have expressed is that not one of the three main parties or candidates have publicly supported his cause.  He stated that in Ontario it’s not against the law to discriminate against language.

Many of the staff at the EOHU speak with very thick and sometimes hard to understand French accents.  As well many of those working in Cornwall have Quebec license plates on their cars.   Is there are shortage of health care staff in Ontario that we have to reach out to our neighbors in Quebec?

Mr. Cameron’s wife, Deborah, after having difficulty in gaining promotion locally, now has advanced to a management position working at an upstate NY hospital.

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While nobody is suggesting that service not be offered in French at hospitals in Ontario does it have to be at the expense of long term non bilingual staff?   Do all staff have to pass high level proficiency testing or is the basic ability to communicate enough?

And the irony is if it’s so important to force nurses or staff to be bilingual why not Doctors?  Surely if it’s not urgent enough for Doctors to be bilingual it’s a bit farcical to force it on morgue attendants?

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  1. Furtz says:

    Thanks for responding, Highlander.

  2. Highlander says:

    Stella….Stella….oh Stella where art thou?

    It has one to wonder why have you so much fear of disclosing your name to only the moderator ….ah something to hide …but at last the readers are not exposed to your questionable rants and ethnic slurs. Furtz remains the lone individual defending language discrimination and the right for the government to discriminate against the majority …..FIGHT ON FURTZ the crickets are listening !

  3. Furtz says:

    The crickets and Highlander are listening.

    I think Stella is in Toronto working on Rob Ford’s reelection campaign.

  4. Cory Cameron says:


    I think at this point we’ve proven that indeed inequity/inequality does exist in Canada in approach to both hiring and funding community organizations. I see that the English majority care not for the issue and French extremism continues to run rampant; unchallenged and supported by our elected officials. If I were you, (and this is just a suggestion) I would forego the fight altogether and escape to the States to live the American Dream. As you know from my situation, Julie is unwilling to leave and so the option I presented to you is not available to me (insofar as I would like).

  5. Hugger1 says:

    Who is Stella?

    A lot of people post on here using pseudonym for a variety of reasons. I see no problem with it.

  6. Al.C. Johnson says:

    Language rights in Canada are a joke! Canada is predominately English speaking. Any other language is secondary, but one would not know it when reading about the discrimination against English speakers specifically in Ontario. And the Politicians we elect will not speak up for the majority in that, in so doing, they might lose their job.

  7. Highlander says:

    Al.C.Johnson :It says much as you say politicians will not speak up for the majority. “They might lose their job” the last time I looked up the stats ;Francophone remain 4% of the population. Is it not the majority that should decide what leader they want?
    Politicians should respect representation by population as this is one of the principle’s of democracy !To do otherwise is to discriminate against the majority .

    Is there any political leader willing to stop language discrimination so readily practiced by provincial institutions ?

    Just because its legislated does not mean that its fair ;Segregation in the states was legislated as well !

    Now is election time ,people your voice needs to be heard and if you disagree with language discrimination ask why these politicians continue to encourage language discrimination and keep the status Quo !

  8. Furtz says:

    Highlander, if what you say is true, that 96% of the population is suffering unspeakable discrimination at the hands of 4% of the population, all politicians would be all over it. A basic rule of politics is to please the majority. It would make absolutely no sense for any politician to kowtow to the 4% and piss off the 96%. No?

  9. Highlander says:

    Furtz : Its nice to see that you calmed down on your antagonizing .
    But as you say “A basic rule of politics is to please the majority.”
    The majority in Cornwall and area is 80% unilingual English …..so can you explain why hire 65% bilingual to serve the majority and exclude the majority in the hiring process? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME !

    No politicians are not “all over it ” to speak up against this unfair hiring policies as no one wants to be termed anti-French ,bigot or whatever term they use to oppress freedom of speech on the subject.
    How about locally stats Canada <12% French used at home yet 65% hires must be bilingual to serve <12%.

    As you have said "Highlander, if what you say is true, that 96% of the population is suffering unspeakable discrimination at the hands of 4% of the population"

    Discrimination it is when the conditions set forth EXCLUDE the majority!

  10. Highlander says:

    Furtz Stats Canada is readily available for all ,I only question why the government hires so disproportionate of needs ? Thereby discriminating based on exclusion of that majority !

    The data is right there for you to peruse ,I suggest you take a look ,then perhaps you would be informed and question WHY?

  11. Furtz says:

    Actually Highlander, I think it boils down to the fact that the majority of people see no problem with services being provided in both official languages in areas where there are a significant number of Francophones.

  12. Hugger1 says:

    Furtz said “Actually Highlander, I think it boils down to the fact that the majority of people see no problem with services being provided in both official languages in areas where there are a significant number of Francophones.” I have no problem with bilingual services where they are needed. But to require all nurses at the CCH be bilingual is just wrong.

  13. Mike M says:

    This issue of bilingualism is only the first step. Once gained and accepted then slowly French Only creeps in, bit by bit, until it too..is accepted. The removal of English only signs, French first interalia, media statements etc, will soon come around. Its all those small little things that nobody notices, but are strategic moves. The same with certain flyers we receive, its French first, then English in smaller type, yet published for the Ontario market. Once we accept it, in time, English will be removed. Now, the funny part is, anybody who mentions it is labeled racist, anti French, and chastised in the media. This is the realm in which we live in now, is that you “Do Not” speak up against the French. Living in Quebec for many years ive learned, you never say NO to a Quebecer. However, the mentality there is opposite towards the English, which is the same mentality creeping into Ontario. Proof right here with our hospital. Its acceptable to fly the Franco Ontarian flag WITHOUT the Canadian or Ontario one..(Truly insulting) wait until the Canadian flag is unacceptable. Pssst.. Its coming.

  14. Mike M says:

    Discrimination by language is legal..in Quebec. As they follow social law, not common law as in the rest of Canada. This is how they are able to side step basic human rights in that province. The problem is… the peoples there figure its really OK. So coming to Ontario where we do not discriminate, where our hospitals have become finely tuned, wait times acceptable, etc..they see this as desirable. Not only do Quebec residents flock across the border (freely) to enjoy our hospital care, but slowly positions of authority started to build, thus the mentality has changed. Bingo! People are forgetting one valuable piece here..Quebecers flock across the border, so it is no longer a 95% English community. As in Alexandria also, the majority of visits are from Quebec. Who many have willfully chosen NOT to learn English, and many have willfully backed the laws in Quebec to hire French first, qualifications second. (Which is why many have left, leaving that industry in turmoil) This is acceptable to Quebecers.. until they get sick. Along comes the mentality, and the complaints that French is not spoken, unacceptable etc.. and here we are people..!!!

  15. Highlander says:

    Furts wrote: I think it boils down to the fact that the majority of people see no problem with services being provided in both official languages in areas where there are a significant number of Francophones.

    Furts people may agree that language services are needed ,BUT most do not realize that those (French)language services are WELL BEYOND those needs in most scenarios its 300% above needs.
    The courts across Ontario are now as of last year bilingual for that 4% of the population. Now that being; 65% will be required bilingual as this is the minimal standard for provincial entities !
    Whatever happened to WHERE WARRANTED?
    So Furtz do you agree with bilingual hiring of minimum 300% above needs?

  16. Highlander says:

    Mike M: “Now, the funny part is, anybody who mentions it is labeled racist, anti French, and chastised in the media. This is the realm in which we live in now, is that you “Do Not” speak up against the French.”

    Mike M I agree ,but its not the French at fault ,it the government practices and legislation.
    Sure there are a noisy group of Francophones advocates sponsored by the majorities taxes to the tune of over 700 million.

    But it remains the Government that allows the inequity;But the government permits it and encourages it ….even segregation in the states was legislated and encouraged by some states.

    But most Canadians do not even realize that language discrimination is LEGAL in Canada and the biggest abuser of it is our GOVERNMENT.

    People are Equal languages are not! the government sets forth conditions in this province (mandatory bilingual)whereby 96% of the population is limited not by merit but by language!

  17. Highlander says:

    Hugger1:”I have no problem with bilingual services where they are needed. But to require all nurses at the CCH be bilingual is just wrong.”

    the key here Hugger is “WHERE THEY ARE NEEDED”-Cornwall community hospital stated that they test professionally in French but do not test for English -yet the hospital operates in English .

    This should have been a wake up call to the community to realize they were practicing like all provincial entities LANGUAGE DISCRIMINATION.
    Perhaps the people of the community feel their rights are not worth protecting or is it they do not wish to be labelled as happened many times in the past when questioning this legislation .

    There is no better way to limit freedom of speech then to label people who question the issue with “BIGOT,FRENCH HATER,ECT ” for standing up for THEIR RIGHTS …But according to government some are more equal then others!

  18. {MODERATED} Comment policy reminder

    CFN suggests you post comments using your real name. If you wish to post with a pseudonym you can register that user id by emailing info@cornwallfreenews.com with your name, address, phone number and user id you wish to register.

  19. Furtz says:

    @ Highlander. I totally agree that there may be unfair and discriminatory hiring practices at certain institutions in close proximity to the Quebec border. Those issues should be addressed and fixed. However, when people like Mike M and others rant on about the English language being eliminated from Ontario or the rest of Canada, it only detracts from the real issue.

  20. Hugger1 says:

    I agree Furtz. But how do you force an institution that is provincially regulated to change their rules? We can’t expect the provincial gov’t to do it as they tend to run away when language issues pop up in areas outside The Big Smoke.

    Highlander, I agree as well. One of my pet peeves is being called a “Hater” or “Bigot” when someone tries to stand up for their rights. Or an even bigger pet peeve is being called a “Hater” or “Bigot” simply because I don’t like something. Time to grow up people and stop using the new favourite word of the day to try and get what you want.

  21. Highlander says:

    Furtz”@ Highlander. I totally agree that there may be unfair and discriminatory hiring practices at certain institutions in close proximity to the Quebec border”

    All provincial entities practice it no matter the proximity to Quebec as I have explained ALL NEW HIRES across Ontario with the justice department must be bilingual.

    Mike M may hold resentment from past experiences with the provincial or federal government treatment. If you look at New Brunswick and Quebec he is right in his statement that they discriminate by language.

  22. Highlander says:

    Yes the government would rather run away then addressing language discrimination ,its an issue that is sensitive but it should not mean they allow it to continue!

    Because you disagree in language legislation and its approach you are labelled and yet ones asked for fairness in the approach ….so who really is those so easily casted words?…It suppression of freedom of speech and bullying type of behaviour …but its excepted practice in the perception of protection of the French language.

    It all remains discrimination by language ,people when you get the opportunity ask those politicians if they are willing to stop any form of discrimination ?..so why not language discrimination?

  23. Furtz says:

    @ Hugger. You keep plugging away at the minister responsible and the Ontario Ombudsman, without getting sidetracked with asinine BS about Francophones taking over Canada.

  24. Hugger1 says:

    Furtz…..because the issue here is about bilingualism at the CCH. Francophones possibly taking over Canada is for another article. The Ontario gov’t would like this issue to disappear (be dealt with locally). But with the EOHU taking the high road the issue will not disappear.

  25. Mike M says:

    What I stated is actually happening, or happened, its not fabricated. But,..Im ranting now..in only that I mentioned it all. Like I said..Its a big No-No to mention it. They just dont like to hear it! I agree Hugger1, the taking over is for another article!

  26. Cory Cameron says:

    I see we have comments from people with other monikers. Hello Mike, Hugger1. No matter what facts that are presented to the supporters of these unfair laws; it comes down to those that oppose them and those that support them. Reasoning behind each viewpoint varies but comes down to those that feel wronged because they cannot get work due to language requirements and those that run roughshod and use the laws in their workplaces to their complete advantage. It’s now obvious. To be born French in Canada is to be born with an advantage. There’s even names for it now. The bilingual or French advantage as it is called. I have heard colleges airing these types of messages on the radio. Am I envious? You bet! Am I jealous? You bet! Do I hold a grudge? You bet? For it was a famous Frenchman that first gave us the idea of merit; especially as applied to the military of the time. Napoleon Bonaparte. Where we once thought that the new world was a new beginning; one whereby birthright would be abandoned to the notion of personal hard work; we now find Canada to be the rebirth of the old European values.

    In Canada the situation has reversed itself. I know of dozens of instances whereby less educated applicants have garnered government jobs over more qualified and educated college/university graduates just because they spoke French. What message are we trying to convey to our youth? Are we to ignore traditional educations that once heavily relied upon real-world course material? Are we to ignore engineering, mathematics and instead focus how well someone speaks French?

    Representation by population is the only way to go in regards to hiring practices. Otherwise a caste system is created. We need more republicanism in this country to counteract some ever-present and dangerous old style patronage-type appointments.

  27. Hugger1 says:

    Where did I ever say I supported language discrimination?

  28. Highlander says:

    So Jamie no reply from the Eastern Ontario health unit ?
    I guess Cornwall daily did not get a response as well.

    Guilty as charged I guess ,start pleading the 5th EOHU.

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