Brock Frost Signs 12 River Queens, but No Players Yet by Jamie Gilcig LNAH

Brock Frost Signs 12 River Queens, but No Players Yet by Jamie Gilcig  LNAH

Jamie GilcigCORNWALL Ontario –  The Brock Frost Circus continues to roll.   The council candidate in Cornwall Ontario, Real Estate agent, and his team have just issued a press release announcing the formation of the Cornwall River Queens.

When I saw the incoming email I thought that someone was just heckling the River King players as oddly enough the team has not signed a single player yet.

They also don’t have a coach.   But they do have a booster club,  a new logo, merch to buy, and Brock will be hanging out at Ribfest kissing babies and shaking hands.

The council candidate drew some guffaws over his proposal to donate his council salary to charity if elected yet has been silent over the massive raises the Kilger council nominated for themselves after spending $10K on a consultant to justify them.

Mr. Frost also recently complained in Social media about regretting shaking hands with Mike Duffy even though Mr. Duffy has yet to be convicted of any charges. (his booster club prez, Mike Crowder added insult by revealing details of Mr. Duffy’s stay at the Ottawa Civic where Mr. Crowder is a supervisor)

Challenged that Mayor Kilger and two councilors were part of the recent Fournier report that categorically found the Waterfront Committee guilty of moving into an illegal in camera meeting of which Kilger and Councilor Glen Grant voted,  Mr. Frost said he was too busy to debate and had to work; this after stating he’d be the first to comment if any on council were found guilty of any charge.   (too date Mr. Frost hasn’t been in the top 12 to comment on the Fournier report)

The team has sold between 175 -225 season tickets so far and Mr. Frost has stated that the squad will have a reduced budget which usually results in a weaker roster.

This writer is old school.  I love the ladies, but I prefer winning hockey rather than circus antics and scantily clad cheer leaders at my hockey games.   What next, a Beaver mascot?

Many people have given their clear support to the team with their desire to see the troubled River Kings franchise stay alive.

Hopefully the team will actually sign a hockey player soon; maybe even a few….otherwise some of the River Queens may actually have to dress….

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Jacob Dumais

You’re an idiot.

hailey Brown

Interesting situation to say the least.

Not to mention at a time when so many women fight for respect only to digress back into bimbo work.

kind of hypercritical for me to say considering I once dawned the tag Raiderette. It was a great way to earn status in that era.

How come Brock hasn’t any men on the ice for the ladies to watch their tight butts and bulging loins.

Maybe Brock needs a lesson in Gender Equality…


Hailey Brown Nails it. We’re not in the fifties anymore.


Willie Wise Bobbleheads?


Hayley Brown always makes sense at least the vast majority of the time and I too agree with her.


Yes indeed, Willie Wise left big shoes to fill.


Hailey Brown: it’s not okay for Brock Frost to hire River Queens, but okay for you to make comments like “How come Brock hasn’t any men on the ice for the ladies to watch their tight butts and bulging loins.” That’s not sexist in any way, is it? People in general should not be used as sex objects. But I see you didn’t jump on the RedBlacks case for hiring only women cheerleaders.


Hugger women have always been used as sex object by men and now you get upset because Hayley made a remark about men and their loins, etc. LOL LOL. That is some switch. No unfortunately these are not the good old fifties that I miss so very much. I wish that those good old days were back again.


I don’t enjoy seeing either sex exploited for whatever reason.

David Oldham

Food, shelter and procreation. The basic driving forces of life. Men and women alike are sexual objects. Sex sells is a proven fact. Personally if promotion uses this reality in a tasteful or stylish and elegant (classy) way, I don’t have a problem.