Cornwall Council Candidate Brock Frost Flees Another Event Before Speaking – Oct 8, 2014 UPDATED

Cornwall Council Candidate Brock Frost Flees Another Event Before Speaking – Oct 8, 2014   UPDATED

brock frost SUBMCORNWALL Ontario – River Kings owner and council candidate Brock Frost left another event before speaking Wednesday night.

This time before speaking.

Mr. Frost previously fled the Library candidate event claiming to have blacked out three times; been taken to hospital by ambulance and returning to the Library in less than ninety minutes.

This time he left his coat and BMW car keys over his chair at the Legion where the Labour Council hosted their All Candidates event that included their President Elaine MacDonald.

Mr. Frost could not be reached for comment as of print time.

He was quoted less than an hour ago on the River Kings website:

“Once again, we’re giving the fans what they want,” said River Kings owner Brock Frost. “There’s no doubt in my mind, we will be an exciting team to watch this year.”

His last personal facebook post involved bottling a wine in Cornwall with a River Kings logo on it.

We will update when more info becomes available.

UPDATE Oct 9, 2014

Mr. Frost gave a statement to the Seaway News.

Having just been released from hospital myself after developing an Atrial Fibrillation how fragile health can be.

From CFN we wish Mr. Frost good health.

Mayo Clinic link to TIA

From the Mayo clinic –

Lifestyle choices to avoid:

  • Cigarette smoking. Smoking increases your risk of blood clots, raises your blood pressure and contributes to the development of cholesterol-containing fatty deposits in your arteries (atherosclerosis).
  • Physical inactivity. Engaging in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days helps reduce risk.
  • Poor nutrition. Eating too much fat and salt, in particular, increases your risk of TIA and stroke.
  • Heavy drinking. If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to no more than two drinks daily if you’re a man and one drink daily if you’re a woman.
  • Use of illicit drugs. Avoid cocaine and other illicit drugs.
  • Use of birth control pills. If you use any hormone therapy, talk to your doctor about how the hormones may affect your risk of TIA and stroke.

I have never been one to show weakness, let alone admit it, but there is little more I can do to hide the personal health issues I am obviously having. So here goes everything.

For seven weeks now, I have been suffering from short blackouts which my doctor describes as having TIA-like symptoms. Transient Ischemic Attacks, commonly referred to as a minor stroke, are not hereditary and result in issues pertaining to individual lifestyles.  My doctor believes it is my body’s way of shutting itself down due to stress and exhaustion.

As I write this letter, I now know this to be true. I am exhausted. I am exhausted beyond anything I have ever imagined before.  I am lucky if I get 3 hours a sleep each night and eat twice a day. I have lost 14 pounds in less than 2 months, have no energy and severe headaches.  I have quite frankly, worked myself into a complete physical and mental collapse.

To date, I have probably suffered about a dozen individual blackouts. I always know they’re coming as the symptoms are always the same – dizziness, light-headed, sweaty, shortness of breath and increased blood pressure. They have happened in numerous locations including my home, my personal office, the River Kings office and obviously, two all-candidates debates.  The exact trigger for each blackout is not certain however it usually arises from intense mental thought or “brain overload”.

For those who know me understand that I have a busy working life to say the least. I am a full-time Realtor, manage and own 17 rental properties, own and operate the Cornwall River Kings, serve on three Boards, founded and operate a charity, and campaign full time. I have burnt myself out, plain and simple.

It is important to understand that I take City Council very seriously and There is nothing I want more than to serve my city at the council table. I understand there will be some who try to spin this health issue into something bigger than it is, and let them.  I cannot control what other people say or do.  But I am taking the necessary steps to ensure that if I am elected, I will be ready to serve my community with as much work ethic as I have had with my entire life career.  I have recently started selling my rental properties, substantially downsized my workload at Storm Realty and have hired two personal assistants.

It is time that I take my doctor’s advice seriously. They have been telling me to simply “let the votes land where they land”, “let the team (River Kings) work itself out” and “let the tenants take care of themselves”.  I clearly have not followed his advice and am now suffering the consequences. I need to rest. I am sick and need to take care of myself if I am to continue to serve the community.  With 18 days to go until the election, I must slow down the campaign and focus on myself. I sincerely hope that what I have done over the past 4 years have earned your respect, and vote.

In health and happiness,

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This guy is headed down the road of stress, anxiety and panic… distracting himself in busy-ness only to avoid the pain of his inner silence. Time will tell, but I think as Frost is realizing life will sooner or later tell you to slow the f@#$ down.

Blanche Barrows

Must admit, this is very odd behaviour ?

Reg Coffey

Not to make light of panic attacks or whatever condition Mr. Frost is suffering from but if he frequently reacts this way in stressful situations just how effective can he be in council.

If your lifestyle causes you to suffer with health issues then it’s time to make a change. Once you are healthy then you can make a come back, if that is what you want.


To me Brock has too much on his plate. As I said earlier I think he bought the River Kings to further his political ambitions. And I think his political ambitions are to further his real estate career. If he is elected to council will he declare his conflicts of interest? If so, I hope he does it better than Elaine MacDonald. Her declarations of CoI are a joke. She declares her CoI, but continues to debate AND vote on things she should step away from.


Odd behavior for someone who seems to crave the spotlight.


Why would the voters of Cornwall set Frosty the Showman up for failure by voting him into office?
His reach is exceeding his grasp, and not in the good way — buddy’s just going to crash and burn and I myself won’t be an enabler for that.


I foresee a train wreck of some sort. He’s either another Willie Wise, or, the Lumley’s or that ilk are behind his political aspirations. Whatever it is, it’s going to be a great show to watch going up and down.


In all seriousness, is “Brock Frost” his real name?


Brock you are going to have to slow down or something is going to happen to you that isn’t good for your health. Slow down and get a few people in to help you. If you think that being a councellor is a piece of cake you better think this over some more. You are going to be wanted 24/7 and have plenty of calls and e-mails from your constituents and if you cannot get up and make speaches you better think again before continuing. You are a very well educated young man but you are carrying too much of… Read more »


Yup. Sounds like a porn name. Can’t be sure though. Is there a porn scene in Cornwall? If this guy was named by his parents, he might have grounds to sue them. I would for sure.


Doesn’t sound like he is stressed out, it just sounds like he has anxiety issues. Not the best issue to have if your going to try to be a city councillor. Stick to realty Brock.


Yes it does sound like anxiety?
If it is, please folks don’t make fun of this. My girlfriend of 10 yrs + has such a condition and it’s not a funny scene.
She works in the public and has to take medication to control it.


Anxiety is very bad indeed and I think that it is a combination of anxiety as well as physical. If Brock is not getting enough sleep this along with anxiety are mighty serious. Brock deals with the public being a landlord as well as in real estate, hockey, etc. I sure do know that dealing with the public is something very hard to do. My daughter along with her co-workers deal with the public as cashier and where she works it is the worst place in Ottawa that they are aware of because of the area. There is only one… Read more »


Anxiety is a scary thing when unaware of what it really is, I had it most of my youth and young adult life. Heck, I’ve even written a book about the topic and a blog on the subject. Point is… anxiety is a great call from the universe to re-evaluate your life.


Having dealt with depression and anxiety for about 15 years it sounds like Brock is dealing with a combinatioj of anxiety, stress and not looking after his well being. Like Jules said he needs to learn to delegate. Brock has too much on his plate AND he wants to add city councilor to that list? If he keeps it up he’ll be in a rubber room very soon.


Its really great to see so many on here with an enlightened knowledge of depression and panic attacks
From our local hero Fitzpatrick, messed up by Afghan war, General Romeo Dallaire(Rwanda)mental illness is scary
Hugger could i very politely ask you not to use “rubber room” -as to me- it makes light of this situation.


With all what Brock has to deal with it would send anybody over the edge and you cannot deal with everything at once. Brock has to sleep and I know that being a landlord is mighty hard. I live in an 80 unit apartment building and what a job that is for the supers and the owner. These people are on call 24/7 and they do a super job and the best place that we have ever lived in thanks to them. Brock has to deligate some of his responsibilities to others and he cannot run a Real Estate Company,… Read more »


Melman…Trust me, I am not making light of the situation. When I was dealing with my depression and anxiety issues initially I used terms that perhaps others didn’t like; rubber room, nutso pills, etc. It was my way of dealing with what I was going through.