Brock Frost Doesn’t Run Away From Candidates Event in Cornwall Ontario OCT 22, 2014

Brock Frost Doesn’t Run Away From Candidates Event in Cornwall Ontario OCT 22, 2014

jamie n sharkCORNWALL Ontario – Hope Peta doesn’t get upset.   I released the Shark and no blood was drawn.    The event at St. Lawrence College was an utter farce today.

After an attempt by the Labour Council to hustle their chosen few to talk to kids all candidates were welcomed.   The protest may have opened to doors to other candidates; but nothing was set up.  There was no format and frankly even with free pizza and hot dogs there were less students that showed up than candidates.

mark & rolly shark

Mark A MacDonald & Roland Besner, council candidates.

Oddly enough Elaine MacDonald, Heather Megill, Alyssa Blais, and Syd Gardiner did not show up.  The buzz is that the LC has set up an alternative  meet n greet for their chosen few.

STC STudent Letter Oct 21 2014

The farcical event follows on the heels of Mayor Kilger getting caught for using city resources while stumping.   It was not clear if he attended the event today on City Time or his own.  He has gone from fleeing this writer, to being best buds and concerned for my health; to not answering questions.

mike n shark

Council candidate Mike O’Neil

Mr. Frost was hovering around several under age young men plying them with pamphlets and whispering sweet nothings involving hockey pucks.   As there was no actual speaking element to the event he stuck around and didn’t flee this time.  He has yet to speak at any candidate event.

The big buzz was about the shooting in Ottawa and if it would impact the Friends of Vets vigil tonight at the Cenotaph in Cornwall.   Council candidate Gary Samler is president of the group and was in attendance at the college.

No other media were in attendance.

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Where is Brock Frost? All I see is Jamie whispering to a toy shark. LOL LOL. Jamie are you ok? I guess that this election is a little much to handle. Did the toy shark eat up Brock Frost? If Brock is afraid to face the people he sure would have been mighty fearful of those big teeth. LOL LOL.

David Oldham

Hey Jules sounds like where is Waldo. Actually I saw him at Cornwall Electric on Sydney Street today at approximately 12:30 P.M. so I know for sure he is real. Keep viewing for more sightings. LOL


With Bobby being so nice to you maybe he’ll send you a Christmas card.


Maybe they feel the winds of change. If we go with your polls the next ten councilors will be: Maurice Dupelle, David Murphy, Carilyne Hebert, Mark A MacDonald, Guy St. Jean, Andre Rivette, Justin Towndale, Brock Frost, Bernadette Clement and Roland Besner. And being led by new mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy. I see this as a minor (very minor) improvement over our current city council. And yes, I realize the polls are not scientific.


Yes, I know your polls are legit. But my point is that the sampling is small. Hopefully the results will change for the councilors poll. I’m not too impressed with the top ten listed now. There are some good names on there. But….


For safety and security reasons and at the request of CPS I decided to postpone our Candlelight Vigil planned tonight to another date.