South Stormont Resident Brock Frost Runs for Council Seat in Cornwall Ontario – Oct 27, 2014

South Stormont Resident Brock Frost Runs for Council Seat in Cornwall Ontario – Oct 27, 2014

CORNWALL Ontario – Council candidate Brock Frost lives in South Stormont where he posted that he had voted this morning yet is running for council in Cornwall.

brock frost voting


Mr. Frost who works in Real Estate can apparently do so according to Cornwall City Clerk Helen Finn who is in charge of our local election.


No, he is entitled to vote in as many places as he owns’ property.
Helen Finn, LLB in Quebec,
City Clerk / Greffière
Clerk’s Department / Département du Greffe
The Corporation of the City of Cornwall
360, rue Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON, K6J 3P9

So if I’m understanding our clerk correctly a retired person or someone on a fixed income in Cornwall gets one vote; but if you own property in South Glengarry, Cornwall, South Stormont and North Stormont you get four votes and can run for office in a municipality you don’t really live in?

Even Mayor Kilger is smart enough to have his “paper residence” be in Cornwall.  (It’s reported that he spends most nights in Ottawa)

How do you feel about the possibility of a non-resident councilor in Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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Well he pays taxes in each municipality, and if we recall a famous revolutionary slogan …”No taxation without representation” — he gets to vote wherever he pays taxes.


I have to agree if he pays taxes here he has a say in the community.

Jason Gryff

If you own various properties in various municipalities you are therefore a tax payer and should be afforded the ability to vote in those respective elections.

I will add, I hope the primary place of residence would be the municipality in which you run for election, or at least relocate soon after being elected.


How do I feel about this? About the same as I feel as having a non-residence mayor….not impressed.


I knew this for many years and do not accept this at all. If you vote in a place then you should live in that place. I don’t care if Brock owns Buckingham Palace or the White House Brock or Bare Ass or anybody should vote where there official residence is.


It’s unbelievable that today in all our efforts to be inclusive and democratic that we give a vote to someone who’s just got a piece of real estate in the riding. Clearly there will be a bias attached to that vote in favor of lower property taxes and certainly not in favor of any real social development that has a cost attached to it. From my perspective you should only get a vote if you have a permanent residence in the riding and that should be it. Guys like Brock Frost who don’t live in the riding yet get to… Read more »

Kyle Lloyd

If he pays taxes in the township he is entitled to a vote. If he owns property that means he pays taxes.

Sorry no real story here


Brock Frost is an intelligent man but he is not in for the good of the people but for the good of his pocket. Here in Ottawa we have the ward system. My son went out to vote earlier and then went over to a friend’s house. We will see who gets in as mayor in both our cities. I much prefer the ward system any day and it makes the people more accountable and responsible.


I think it is fair. if you own real estate in multiple places then you would want a vote in how those places are run. Nothing funny here, except the fact that if his primary resistance is in fact outside of Cornwall… although not wrong, but I feel he should run where he lives. That would be like me owning real estate in cornwall and kingston… and living in cornwall but running for office in kingston. that’s odd.


Well Jason that’s what Brock Frost did. He owns property in Cornwall and lives in South Stormont. So, he ran for council in Cornwall.



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