Cornwall City Councilor Brock Frost Pulls a Ghomeshi – More River Kings Scandal by Jamie Gilcig DEC 4 14

Cornwall City Councilor Brock Frost Pulls a Ghomeshi – More River Kings Scandal by Jamie Gilcig DEC 4 14

brock mitch al June 13 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Jian Ghomeshi, before he had his powerful criminal attorney, released a pile of goo on facebook.  At first it won him some support, but at the end of the day you just can’t avoid a Nuke.

Today the embattled River Kings owner released over ten pages of documents to certain media outlets.  It was not sent to all media; mostly the one sympathetic one to him.

They wrote an ugly piece of pabulum that had the same impact as when former Mayor Bob Kilger announced in headlines that he wasn’t in conflict of interest because his attorney had said so.

Mr. Frost at this point is getting accused of buying the team to get him elected to council.  Those accusations are looking pretty dead on as 1000 votes less and he’d be hanging out with Todd Bennett and Pat Clarke.

Today the Seaway News wrote the following:

Frost said in his press release that he became aware Tuesday that the Madden “has been using the River Kings credit card for personal use including numerous cash-advances at various ATM’s. None of this money was used to support the team.”

It was a short piece and if you took it for gospel it sounds like poor Mr. Frost was robbed by Mr. Madden; at least of petty cash, but certainly not in amounts close to those that season ticket holders, sponsors, and advertisers may lose thanks to Mr. Frosts utter and complete failure at running the team.

CFN received what is believed the be the full release which isn’t really a press release, but more a bombing of pages to try and portray a point.  Rodney Wilson who normally handles River Kings releases did not send it.  Mr. Wilson did not confirm if he was still with the team.

What we know is a confusing jumble of poop.  We do know that Mr. Frost has been caught lying at least once, if not more.

On November 23, in his press release, this statement was shared;

“Despite publicly rejecting several offers, Brock Frost, who purchased the River Kings this past summer, has decided to divest majority ownership of the hockey club.

That would mean that Mr. Frost was no longer in control of the team at that point as is confirmed by his own documents submitted to media today.

brock frost release 1 DEC 4 2014

So even though Mitch Gagne representing a group that may have included at least one former city hockey team owner presented a real offer,

Mr. Frost decided to go with one of his hanger ons and someone who clearly had never owned a professional franchise or even remotely exhibited the ability to cover the $100-$150K in losses the team would further incur this season.

Darren Madden FB
Darren Madden FB

In this document Mr. Frost confirms the sale of the team.

brock frost release 2 DEC 4 2014

In his release Madden was to be managing partner which would suggest that he wouldn’t be sole owner.

Brock claimed that the league was informed on the 24th, yet the President of the League in his own press release said that no request to transfer ownership was made.  The date of that release was November 25th.   LINK   The league clearly states that Mr. Frost can’t sell the team without their approval.   If lawyers were actually used, and none have been noted by either Frost or Madden (Frost’s lawyer was in Florida) surely Madden’s lawyer would not allow a transfer of money without a clear title to the team, ie League approval, no?

brock frost release 3 DEC 4 2014

This contract, which has no legal seal or markings other than some initials, clearly denotes that the sale of the River Kings of the LNAH.

Clearly Mr. Frost could not sell the team without league approval first, no?  In this document it shows a lien was put up against Mr. Madden’s residence.   Essentially this is a secured IOU.

This document also would mean that Mr. Madden would be at the helm of any team corporate accounts and credit cards.  How could Mr. Frost complain about any actions Mr. Madden takes if Mr. Madden is the sole owner?  Again, we’re working SOLELY from documents provided by Mr. Frost to media.


brock frost release 2a DEC 4 2014

So Darren gets 100% of the shares and has to pay Brock $500 per month at 0% interest.   If he sells the team he has to pay in full.  Again, why would Frost complain about any expenditures from Madden after the sale date if this document was as it’s written.  Could this be why the team’s accountant/bookkeeper resigned?   Again, these documents were provided by Frost to the MEDIA.   There is also no witness signature or legal stamp or signature on this document.

brock frost release 6 DEC 4 2014

That would be the enchilada. All of the shares.

brock frost release 8 DEC 4 2014

So where does the draft come into play?  Nowhere in Mr. Frosts documents is this mentioned?  It’s $500 per month from Madden to Frost? Right? If the $40K is for the sale of the team why does it go into the River Kings account instead of Brock’s?

brock frost release 9 DEC 4 2014

So why is Mr. Frost upset about what Mr. Madden does with the team’s credit card if he’s sold 100% of the team and is off the hook?  What is up with that?

brock frost release 10 DEC 4 2014

Mr. Madden is not talking; but he got cold feet for some reason….


Brock is after all someone that told police that someone broke into a church and poured gasoline all over his pretty new truck, but decided not to set it on fire.     Vehicles are written off after instances of this nature.   He also bounced rent cheques for the Church at Sydney, another one of his ventures that went River King’ish.

As for the fans, they’re griping.   Ashley March, one of our local puck bunnies wrote two pieces in her blog.

She recently interviewed long time River King Nick Corbeil

Nicolas Corbeil demanded to be traded from the team he called home for the past three years.

It wasn’t because of his teammates.

It wasn’t because of the fans or the city of Cornwall.

No, it was because he was sick of the lies. The drama. Never getting a straight answer to his face. He saw the ship sinking and well, bailed himself out before it was too late. “From the beginning it felt like ownership this year never really cared about us.” Corbeil said with an exhausted sigh. “It was always a show. Every move was calculated and wasn’t in the best interest of the team.”

She then aimed clearly at our new City Councilor

This was going to be a brand new start for the team that has been full of dysfunction since the very beginning. That being said, all the original owners up until now had been straight forward with the fans. From Bernie Villeneuve parading outside of city hall demanding a change to the advertising deal that has a strong hold on the team from making any money to David Small always being around to answer a fan’s question with an honest answer.

Funny word that, honesty.

Unfortunately the 2014-2015 chapter of the Cornwall River Kings has been nothing more than a political pawn. Used to sway votes, it worked and allowed owner (or former owner, who the hell knows anymore) Brock Frost to be voted in to city council. When he first became the Kings’ saviour, the team was purchased for very little money. I’ve heard that the price tag is still yet to be paid for.

A hockey team is not like any ordinary business and if you know nothing about the game well, you should probably steer clear. As the summer months progressed with various functions raising money for the team, it started to become clear to me that hey, there is absolutely no money floating around this team. That’s a big mistake.

As the season progressed and the election neared it seemed like things were on an even keel and would be okay. Well the minute the election was over, that notion was long gone.

Frost immediately turned his back on the community even though he was elected to council. He sold the team under the table to the team’s trainer, Darren Madden, without any input or even telling league officials. He went to the newspapers saying that it wasn’t true and was “business as usual”. Perfect politician.

Then people close to the team begin to drop off. Players with bounced cheques began to demand trades. Players who were on the end of the trade to come here refused to play in Cornwall. Players started even refusing to play home games. Facebook pages began being deleted. A silent chorus of what was once loud and boisterous has deafened the hockey fans.

Cornwall is a lot of things, but one thing it really is strong at is hockey.  It’s got a diehard base of fans that made the River Kings the biggest draw in the LNAH.    Yes the team struggled because of the corruption of former Mayor Bob Kilger; but the fans really didn’t deserve this sham and perhaps even fraud.

The truths we do  know now are not very flattering to Mr. Frost or frankly to Mr. Madden who appears to be nothing more than a pawn in this scandal.  Poor Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy who campaigned on accountability and transparency now has his first scandal his first week in office.

What Mr. Frost really has done is tarnish the city’s reputation and set back pro hockey in this community.  Frankly fans don’t even know if there will be games this weekend with a road game set for Friday and home game for Saturday.  How hard will it be for new owners to promote the River Kings or any other pro team after this mess?

This team can be successful.  2,000 per game is pretty much what’s needed, 2,500 would certainly do the trick.   CFN has spoken with two former team owners who concurred even with the frustrations of the rink deal, but that deal is in its last year and surely this new council, minus Frost, would be more open to having a reasonable and fair deal for all parties, no?

What do you think River King fans?  You can post your comments below.

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So the soap opera continues……Who owns the River Kings? Brock Frost?? Darren Madden?? Is Mitch Gagne in the picture. I’d say from what I’ve been reading lately that Darren Madden owns the team. Apparently all the lawyer stuff has been completed, etc. If they are just waiting for league approval that should be just a formality. But if Madden wants to walk away, but all the paperwork has been done doesn’t that mean he owns the team? Brock Frost says he is unwilling to step back into the ownership role. It’ll be interesting to see if the team plays its… Read more »


I don’t know if this is a scandal that the city (council / mayor) are involved in. Yes, the team plays at the Civic Complex and yes the team did get a raw deal when it came to revenue sharing. But I think this mess has to be cleared up by the LNAH, Brock Frost and Darren Madden.


This River Kings mess reminds me of the Ottawa Rough Riders / Ottawa Renegades when Horn Chen / The Glieberman’s owned the teams.


Will the real owner please come forward. Remember the old game show was it What’s my line or something like that. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie might be ready to throw me into the Royal Ottawa Hospital from so much laughing. I still haven’t stopped laughing with all the poo flying around Cornwall. LOL LOL. ROLF! What else is new in Cornwall with all the fraud and the smuggling going on. I said before that the cupboard is almost as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard and so much fraud going around. It is hard to tell who owns the team… Read more »


People are suggesting this is a new Cornwall just because of a change in Mayor are in for a big shock
Trying to suggest his actions in “selling” hockey team won’t also affect his judgement as councillor seem misplaced. I truly feel sorry for everybody that loves this type of hockey


I agree with what the article says….if Brock Frost sold the River Kings to Darren Madden why is Brock Frost concerned with the actions in regard to the team’s finances? And not too smart for Brock Frost to include the team’s credit card statement with the full account number visible.


Melman you are so right and I tried to tell people just what you said as well and they close a blind eye to what we tell them. Leslie is in for the time of his life and may have to join me as well at the Royal Ottawa. I am laughing here literally like you would not believe unless you saw me and Leslie with all the problems. Jamie is yelling: “Oh no not Jules again” and he too doesn’t know where to turn. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am practically on the floor with so much laughter and red… Read more »


You know, our council was mainly elected based on lack of choice. Not because we truly believe that they will fix the city and do a 100% great job. If you have a problem with council, maSome commenters here don’t even live here and admin is not from here and are constantly bashing the CITIZENS of Cornwall. Yes the council is full of fraud and conflicts of interest, but don’t slander the people of Cornwall. WE live here and our kids and family are here and WE call this home. We are not a dirty town under a crooked bridge.… Read more »


Why did you call a local journalist a puck bunny? Do you even know what that term means? Congrats on being openly sexist to a source.


“Puck bunny” is a term used for the women who gather at team hotels hoping to get “lucky” with a player. It is NOT an appropriate term for a female journalist.

Gerry Flaherty

I look forward to CFN’s new comment policy. Am eager to read Jamie’s newsy reports, without then having to sift yhrough the babbling nonsense which Jules and Hugger1 so happily serve up daily.

David Oldham

The interest that Frost has in the financial dealings of a team that he purports not to own is rather confusing.

Cornwall has had enough drama in the last eight years. Should Frost continue to offer no concrete explanation for this situation thereby perpetuating this drama and negative attention to Cornwall the appropriate resolution would be for him to step aside as a city councilor and representative of the people of this community.


Why does Brock have access to Maddens MasterCard statements? Shouldn’t those accounts have transferred over? If so, did Frost just log into an account that isn’t his?


Gerry Flaherty….if you don’t like having to sift through the babbling nonsense which Jules and I write there is a simple solution….don’t read it.

Jerry….as Admin said part of the problem is people think that if you’re not from here you don’t belong. Oh, how wrong that is, as Admin pointed out.

Jaso….Agreed on the RK’s accounts. If Frost has truly sold the team to Madden how is it Frost still has access to the team’s bank account info?


Buying a cheap hockey team to get elected: $40,000.

Selling a team before it flames out trying to look like you’re not a crook: $40,000.

Financing the sale of the team with a mortgage on a mentally disabled midget’s house: Cornwall.

Clyde Barrows

Morning Jaso, Your point is well taken, along with Jamie’s story, regarding the bank accounts ! This is just so bazaar to say the least ? The forwarding of those unsolicited documents & invoices to the Press is bewildering ? Will Mr. Frost reimburse me for my hockey tickets, if the Team fails ? I would guess, I’ll have to show up at the Complex on Saturday evening, to see if the teams show ?


Mr. Editor: re your comments from “WOW” agreed, agreed & agreed ! lol,lol rolf, rolf, lol,lol !!!!


That’s three out of four years now. I’ll be here all decade. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.


Jerry I am from Cornwall and I left the first time back in 74/75 and I made my home here in Ottawa and I like it here very much. I only went back to Cornwall because of mom having cancer again and in her last days. Jerry about Hugger and myself if you do not like it tough luck you don’t have to read it. Hugger is a very good man and you in Cornwall should be proud that someone from a good city of Ottawa would go and live in Cornwall and speaks well about it since I have… Read more »


Actually, I thought Gerry Flaherty just made the comment of the year! 🙂


Jules… the only difference in Ottawa is that you need more pedigree to play with the clique. It’s all the same, you and many others just aren’t privy to it.


Jason. totally agree there.


Soon we’ll just be a dirty town……….as the crooked bridge will be gone!


Jamie I am jules alright the jule of laughter. You sure set me in a good laughing mode these past 2 days straight. I even pressed the l key going without stop and had to delete.

David Oldham

Trevor that was even harsher than Gerry Flaherty’s comment!

Wow …I am so humble to have my comments on the same page as yours. Bravo, that was really quite good, I am still laughing.


Rumour du jour….Cornwall River Kings media rep indicates league will take control of team Monday. New ownership group in the wings.

David Oldham

Stan we could be a dirty town next to a toxic dump. Just saying.


Hugger then that means that Frosty and the midget will no longer have any responsibilities to the team. I wonder who is going to take over a team that is almost dead.