Brock Frost Caught Telling Porkies Again – Calls River King Staff & Volunteers Thieves – Denies Nicaragua Lawsuit

Brock Frost Caught Telling Porkies Again – Calls River King Staff & Volunteers Thieves – Denies Nicaragua Lawsuit

Robert Brock Frost Statement of Appeal with full nameCORNWALL Ontario – Cornwall City Councilor Robert Brock Frost appeared on a local online radio show.  It was curveball time as they are affiliated with another media outlet that Mr. Frost has deep connections with.  No calls were taken and no follow up questions of any consequence were asked.

I’m not even sure what the story is?

That was his answer about the Al Hatset lawsuit, yet there is his declaration above.  Does that make any sense to you?



At no point did Mr. Frost deny that he worked for Century 21 in the US although it’s not on his linked in Resume where he states that he’s

Brock Frost LINKED INworked for Storm Realty since 2006 even though the firm wasn’t in existence in 2006.

With all these allegations I’d be in prison for a quite long time if everything he said was true.

How could it all have been not true as Mr. Frost states if he issued a statement of declaration in his appeal of his case against Mr. Hatset?

Could there possibly be two Robert Brock Frost’s who sell Real Estate in Nicaragua? What are the odds of that?  And that Mr. Hatset would have already stated to CFN that the picture of this Brock Frost is the same as the one that he is trying to get his $690K back from?

In this clip he talks about Darren Madden who Mr. Frost chose to employ with the team and then loan $40K to purchase the team in a bewildering manner.  He then goes on to admit that he reneged on his agreement with the league to pay the River Kings players for both game this weekend, but then complained about people being mean to him.

Last night was probably the  worst amount of attacks I’ve ever received…like…

He then complains about staff and volunteers robbing him.

So what’s the point?

One might posit  the point was that as a supposed experienced business person with a BA that this all is part of the business?   By Mr. Frost not honouring his agreement to the players and league how far a stretch would it be to suggest that Mr. Hatset should be an honourary River King player?   Dumping the team right after the election reeks to fans and supporters of the team.

Right now our boys are wondering what will happen to them for the balance of the season as there is no sure thing about the team being picked up for the balance of the season.  For many it will be a financial hardship and hurt their careers.

Mr. Frost in the interview asked why on Earth he’d do all this just to get on council.   One local saw buzzed that knowledge is money and right now this city is on the precipice of an eventual billion dollars of waterfront development.   One bit of inside information passed on to the right party could possibly make up for that donated year’s salary very very quickly.

In fact in Ontario some people become Real Estate agents to get access to buys before hand.

Of course all allegations from Mr. Hatset and his attorney’s have not been proven in court to date and it might take years for a case to evolve if one ever does.

What we do know is that Mr. Frost sought the team last year.  Owner Dave Small on the same radio show talked about the underhanded way in which he felt Mr. Frost attempted to snatch the team last season.

Mr. Frost made a point of saying how badly the team had been run before by previous owners yet did the worst of any ownership group to date.  He entrusted the team to someone he has publicly stated was a mistake and may have cajoled the poor man out of his home.

Fans, players, sponsors, advertisers, and the community are scratching their heads and wondering if it was all for nothing.   $200 might not be much for Mr. Frost, but for the average hard working Cornwallite it’s quite a bit to lose.

But mostly it’s the scandal and tarnish that at the least can be blamed on an inept and incompetent  person desperate to be on council, and at worst it may be some sort of scam or fraud that at the end of the day will cost the people of this city money, and that’s something that is in short supply as Cornwall has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the province.

Of course Mr. Frost lives in South Stormont.    So he may in fact not really care.

After his interview his team Captain Steve Simoes called Brock out and challenged him.  His former team accountant called him out for some alleged mistruths, as did a few other callers.

Monday night should be interesting at City Council.  7 PM.

What do you think River King fans and if you have any information about Mr. Frost and his adventures please email us at


Irony.  Mr Frost was interviewed on CFN January 13, 2014, the same date as his statement

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Jim Lucian

Getting finally sued big time eh??? hang on… maybe Jules?aka you can rolf.. or lmao.. or rolf.. some more…


I think I just saw support for you on the seeker thing.


One thing about Frosty is that he sure can talk over the phone or whatever he is talking to and tries to put the blame on others just like a politician would do. Frosty is finished as a counsellor and people do not believe a single word out of his mouth. Frosty sure is in a lot of hot water and more than he thought that he would be in.

Dwight Dugas

I believe that interview took place on the Jim and Ike Show.

Marc Houde

Good Morning Jamie. Do you have a comment on a recent report that Brock Frost will be suing you for $40,000 for defamation and loss of income?


^^Two idiots think that a $40,000 law suit is something to worry about, or “big time” ? Tiny minds I guess. If I was that Luciani guy I’d be suing my wife about her face.

Jim Rand
Jim Rand

“How could it all have been not true as Mr. Frost states if he issued a statement of declaration in his appeal of his case against Mr. Hatset?”

Does a statement of declaration make one guilty of the charges?

I only point this out because such poor argumentation calls your judgement into question.

Mary Anne Pankhurst

Listening to this playback, one obviously has to take the Ike and Tina show with a grain of salt. To date it seems like a forum to give a free pass to certain people. In effect: Hey man, like we don’t really take this seriously…it’s all CFNs fault.


Brock caught telling lies again, nothing new. First he said he’d pay the bills and team salaries for both weekend games. He didn’t. The players were not paid. And we all know how well yesterday’s game went. It didn’t.

David Oldham

Mr. Rand, who suggested that Robert Brock Frost was guilty? If this is merely a case of mistaken identity then it could easily be addressed by Robert Brock Frost.


I just listened to the radio clip. IMHO, what a crock of s**t. He agreed to pay the bills for the weekend and then backs out. I’m assuming the “bills’ also included the bus to get the team to Laval on Sunday. When the players weren’t paid Saturday I would have been very surprised if any of the players would have been on the bus for Sunday’s game. I think for a lot of the players they count on the income as hockey players. Having unstable ownership since day one I don’t know how some of the players do what… Read more »


Are Frosty the Showman’s lawyers going to be left holding the bag? …Have they been already? The HGTV broadcast and Brock’s own words make it pretty clear where he was residing and what he was up to in San Juan del Sur — it is merely semantics to say he was a Canadian resident… hmmmmm, did he spend more than 180 days in Nicaragua? One wonders if he has been honest with Revenue Canada about his income and residence. But then I’m sure Revenue Canada’s busy looking at the “foundation” status of the Cornwall Business Network, and the “charity/piggybank” staus… Read more »

Marc L

This is more of a pay back than a lawsuit against you Jamie,Like brock said he will bankrupt you so you wont have the resource to write the (truth) lie,s about people anymore.
And of course the other newsrooms here in Cornwall will stand behind Brock Frost and sugar coat everything Brock has done.Will the people Believe Frost.Time to call in W5. I think they would love this story.


It’s curious that Brock Frost is also promoting an entity called “The Frost Group Inc.”, as part of his Nicaraguan debacle.

$10 dollars to anyone that can find the incorporation papers.

marc L

As i read diffrent articles on this lawsuit i don,t believe the lawsuit Brock is filing has anything to do with what has come out latley but something you wrote about him in OCTOBER.
Brock is just trying to fool the people of Cornwall looking for there support.


It’ll all come out in the wash. Sometimes things get revealed that aren’t meant for public consumption.


It will all come out in the wash alright. Frosty the Showman is already melted away. Now where is the soap to clean up after all the mess that was created. No wonder I laughed myself to sleep a few days ago – truth is stranger than fiction and Gone With The Wind or As the stomach Turns or The Young and The Sexies or whatever they are called could not keep up with Cornwall’s frauds even if the best script writer would give it a shot. You have to live in Cornwall to really know what real scams are… Read more »