Cornwall City Councilor Robert Brock Frost Proof Of Service Paper & Settlement Offer Nicaragua Lawsuit by Jamie Gilcig DEC 8, 2014

Cornwall City Councilor Robert Brock Frost Proof Of Service Paper & Settlement Offer Nicaragua Lawsuit by Jamie Gilcig DEC 8, 2014

Brock Frost Served aCFN – Cornwall City Councilor Robert Brock Frost has been confirmed as the same Robert Brock Frost we wrote about in an earlier story regarding the lawsuit over the $690K US  by Mr. Al Hatset of California who has alleged that Mr. Frost and the Century 21 Agency he worked for took his money and didn’t deliver a property.

Robert Brock Frost Statement of Appeal with full nameMr. Frost spoke on this Sunday, yet clearly he knew as he was served and made a statement in a successful motion to dismiss that has been appealed. Mr. Frost has not denied that Mr. Hatset’s money went poof and that he didn’t receive the house he had purchased.

CFN can also confirm that Mr. Frost was not a registered real estate agent in Nicaragua.

Mr. Frost has gone on a virtual rampage since our story broke.  He appeared on a local online radio show pooh poohing the story, but in an alarming twist has issued not one, but two media releases defaming this writer and CFN using his office as City Councilor to do so.

This one appeared on Bill Kingston’s website.

“You have elected me to lead this city. You have elected me to make Cornwall a better place and this is a mandate that I take very seriously.

I want to live in a city where the spread of hatred doesn’t exist, where rumours are stopped in their tracks and lies are simply ignored.

I have been patiently waiting, and watching, as the lies and rumours poor in from Mr Gilcig and others. I have been accused of numerous allegations which are just complete and utter nonsense. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. One that quickly becomes an obsession and festers in to hate. There are consequences to the words we say and in the end, justice will always prevail.

I am asking the citizens of Cornwall to speak up now. If you have ever been slandered, lied about, viciously attacked or harrassed by Mr Gilcig, or any other person for that matter, please send me your story.

It is time Cornwall rids itself of the incessant hatred and spread of lies that has plagued our city for years now. If we only spent as much time working as we did gossiping, we would all have one fantastic place to call home.

I have to admit that I too would like to live in a city where lies are confronted as I’m sure most Cornwall River Kings fans, Players and Season Ticket holders would as well.  Of course confronting those lies should not be met with lawsuits, should it?  Will Mr. Frost use City resources to attack those that simply ask questions?  Are we back to the Bob Kilger Council before the first meeting has started?

CFN can also confirm that we spoke with Mr. Hatset’s lawyer David Skilling of Gaston & Gaston in San Diego California and that the case is very much alive and that in fact an appellate decision on venue should be forth coming.

Mr. Hatset also alleged that Mr. Frost used the services of Edmonton Criminal Lawyer Kelly Dawson (  early in the case.

Mr. Dawson’s specialty from his webpage:

Kelly’s practice tends to focus on serious cases involving complex factual situations where witness credibility must be challenged aggressively (eg. murder, sexual and domestic assault). Another area of focus involves driving offences (eg. impaired and dangerous driving), particularly where the charges involve bodily harm or death.

According to Mr. Hatset who CFN spoke with via telephone from Nicaragua, Mr. Dawson attempted to negotiate on behalf of Mr. Frost.  Mr. Hatset claimed that there was never an issue of Mr. Frost being innocent and that the offer presented via Mr. Dawson was rejected.

Brock Frost Dawson Offer


As for the Edmonton connection:

brock frost STORM

(Screen cap from Mr. Frost’s website) Mr. Frost mentions transferring from Edmonton in 2010 around the time that the nastiness heated up.

Mr. Hatset is vowing to pursue this case until it’s resolved.

Mr. Frost has not been convicted of any charges as of yet and none of the allegations have been proven in a court of law.

Mr. Frost reneged on his promise to fund both Cornwall River Kings games this past weekend as the LNAH has officially taken over the team.

It’s not clear if a new ownership group has been resolved.

If have any information you wish to share on Mr. Frost or this case please email or dial 855 444 1133

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He should not be using his position as city councillor to further any of his personal actions. Did the new councillors not learn anything from the defeated councillors?


Burn him with fire and warm his seat up for Mr.Carr. Is he gonna sue you again for speading the truth?

fern sicard


marc L

Well i guess its not quiet settled is it Mr.Brock Frost.You should be getting a vist sooner than later from our Americian friends(law enforcement).How would you like someone to swindle you out of that much money,then hope you would except a pay back plan.Oh i,m sorry you did say that this case was settled right.Always easy to try and bankrupt someone with other peoples money.Just you saying well at least i,ll bankrupt him makes you a fool in many peoples eyes.


Brock fraud is going down…..

fern sicard

I just put my input Jamie chill


Jamie my dear man I warned you and something about Cornwall is that no matter how guilty and how bad one of their own is they go against the better people and who are from somewhere else. I cannot tell you enough about the mentality of Cornwall. I sit here and laugh to my heart’s content. One night I laughed myself to sleep that is how insane Cornwall really is. Cornwall will never change because their mentality has been grandfathered out no matter who comes in as mayor or council. I have had more and more comments about Cornwall over… Read more »

mary bray

Well the writing is more than just on the wall,isn,t it Cornwall.Proof that Jamie only tells the truth with proof to back him up.Lets all stand behind him,Jamie has done more for Cornwall than anyone I know.Can you just imagine even one councilor who cannot say the truth about just everything.Never to late to correct this problem before he is extradited to the states.


Move over Willie give a little room for your new room mate from Cornwall. Another one of your fellow Cornwallites coming down to say hello and stay with you in the clink. LOL LOL. ROLF! There will be a lot more of you yet so make extra room Willie.

Dwight Dugas



It seems we now know who on city council who we’re going to have to watch. After last night’s council meeting, apparently, Mr. Frost was lead out an alternate exit of the building by the CCPS, Now, I have no issues with this IF he requested it AND he paid for the service. Why he was allowed to exit the building using an alternate exit and being escorted by the CCPS had NOTHING to do with his city council position.


He said “Jealousy is a powerful emotion” in his statement above. Tell us Jamie are you really jealous that you didn’t rip off someone for $690K USD ? This Frost guy is a laugh and should join Kilger in shame!


There should be something done first before anybody runs for mayor or council like what happens when we enter the government and a thorough investigation done by the RCMP. There are too many crooks running around. I didn’t get to see Frosty the Showman being escorted by the Barney Fife PD or anything and too busy poking fun and laughing at him as usual. Jamie you are too good a man for that town.

Lou Garou

Anybody visiting Frosty the Showman’s travel page on his website, will notice that all his globe trotting — throughout the land of cocaine, to the land of khat — took off in 2010 as though he’d had a financial windfall, and ran through to 2013, as though the brakes were put on when papers were served.


I never watch TV so I never know what goes on but my daughter has followed HGTV and all that wackiness. I told her about Frosty and she laughed and she told me that I really lost it (crazy) with all what has been going on in Cornwall. I told her that the program is a scam. I have never laid eyes on Frosty before but he sure is an actor (comedian). Honest to God this gave me the best laugh going and I am sitting here laughing myself to pieces. Cornwall always seems to get itself in the worst… Read more »

fern sicard

I agree Lou if the lies dont take you down the drugs will