More Lies from Cornwall City Councilor Robert Brock Frost – Sex Allegations Against CFN Editor – DEC 10, 2014

More Lies from Cornwall City Councilor Robert Brock Frost – Sex Allegations Against CFN Editor – DEC 10, 2014

brock & darren fbCORNWALL Ontario – I’ve lived in a lot of places in this world.  Not as many as some, but more than a few.

I’ve lived in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Iqaluit, Upstate NY, Los Angeles, Smiths Falls Ontario,and for the last ten years Cornwall Ontario.

In my fifty years on this planet the only time I’ve had to encounter police has been here in Cornwall with false allegations in each instance.

First it was that wacky Traci Trottier calling police and complaining that I was threatening her in at her home.  Not once, but twice.  Both times I was in public places.  Both times CCPS refused to file a charge against her.  She was finally warned to stay away from me(something she didn’t do).

In February I had a dead beat client complain to CCPS that I’d made threatening phone calls to them.  I was summarily warned late at night within a few hours and then charged two days later for a repeat offense.  I was arrested, finger printed, and smeared in the police blotter.  My phone or phone records were not looked at and now, six months since Bell Telephone produced a production order stating I never made any of the calls in question I still have conditions hovering over me that have caused not only havoc on my personal life and business, but stall a real investigation and accountability for those that perpetuated it.

And now the kicker.  Cornwall City Councillor Robert Brock Frost has sent out a press release claiming that I made Sexual Advances upon him back in January at an advertising meeting for his campaign where he actually purchased advertising that he also ended up partially stiffing CFN for.  IE he paid his initial amount, was supposed to pay monthly installments to complete the package and reneged shortly thereafter.

The irony is that it was Mr. Frost that called for the meeting that we had at The Grind, a local coffee house here in Cornwall after I’d written of his candidacy;   “Brock Frost is to politics what Syphilis is to dating.”   After purchasing his package Mr. Frost even asked me about the comment.   Mr. Frost also supported our 5th Anniversary  Event at the Port Theatre staying for the duration and participating in several group lobby chats.  If his ridiculous claim was remotely true why would he do that in February if I had advanced on him in January?  (He also tried to buy the Port that day too)

These would not be the first lies that Mr. Frost has been caught making.   He went on a local internet radio show and said he knew nothing of Mr. Hatset or the legal case against him.  An utter lie.   There are more examples as well.

Brock Frost Dawson OfferMr. Frost I’m sure has much bigger problems.   The utter failure of his ownership of the River Kings.    The spin he’s tried to do to cover up his Real Estate deal with Mr. Al Hatset of California over a $690K property in Nicaragua, and finally the exchange of legal blows recently with myself and CFN.   We know that Mr. Frost took Mr. Haslet’s money and was not able to return it or complete the purchase of the property.  Some might call that theft and fraud?

Mr. Frost issued a press release Sunday after we broke the story about his adventure in Nicaragua which resulted in his first press release signed as a city Councilor.

Frost files lawsuit against Gilcig/Ghilcig
On December 8th, 2014 Frost will file a lawsuit against Jamie Ghilcig a.k.a. Jamie Gilcig for defamation of character which directly resulted in $14,982.75 lost real estate commission. Frost is also seeking an additional $25,000 in punitive damages.
“It is no secret that Mr. Gilcig/Ghilcig clearly has a twisted obsession with my life,” said Frost. 
“While I pay very little attention to the endless lies he throws my way, what I refuse to tolerate is when it directly affects my business.”
“I have had enough of his hatred and incessant slandering. It is time he pays for the damages he has caused or I will bankrupt him in the process.”
“Either way I will ensure that he does not have the resources to continue maliciously attacking innocent people.”
No other details will be provided at this time.
Brock Frost, B.A.
City of Cornwall Councillor
We then released the story which included the image above from his criminal lawyer.
He then issued another release:

“You have elected me to lead this city. You have elected me to make Cornwall a better place and this is a mandate that I take very seriously.

I want to live in a city where the spread of hatred doesn’t exist, where rumours are stopped in their tracks and lies are simply ignored.

I have been patiently waiting, and watching, as the lies and rumours poor in from Mr Gilcig and others. I have been accused of numerous allegations which are just complete and utter nonsense. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. One that quickly becomes an obsession and festers in to hate. There are consequences to the words we say and in the end, justice will always prevail.

I am asking the citizens of Cornwall to speak up now. If you have ever been slandered, lied about, viciously attacked or harrassed by Mr Gilcig, or any other person for that matter, please send me your story.

It is time Cornwall rids itself of the incessant hatred and spread of lies that has plagued our city for years now. If we only spent as much time working as we did gossiping, we would all have one fantastic place to call home.

While I have yet to be served I did discover that Mr. Frost isn’t suing me over the Nicaraguan story, but over a story I wrote on October 8th where I essentially wished him well with his health issues, that he disclosed, after fleeing an election debate leaving his jacket with his BMW keys in the pocket.

My legal representative, Mr. James Moak, served Mr. Frost with a notice of demand as Mr. Frost was making false statements.

Brock Frost Notice MOAK

That was posted on CFN in our legal notice section at 1:53 PM.

At 4:13 PM Mr. Frost let out his most blatant series of lies yet sending a release out to media that I had sexually made advances to him at an ad meeting last January.  His release was sent out with any proof or documentation at all.

It was a shocking and desperate tale that made no sense.  None of the local media printed it until this morning.  Todd Lihou of the Seaway News (TC MEDIA) published it without naming me; however Mr. Lihou belongs to a hate group/boycott CFN group that did publish it last night on Facebook where the story went viral locally.

Mr. Lihou clearly knew that local readers would connect his story to the hate group release of Mr. Frost in its entirety.

I’m not sure in 2014 that being gay would be conceived to be a crime except by the most narrow minded of people.  The fact that I’m not gay and never have made any such advances to Mr. Frost in any manner is utterly absurd.

That his statement was false and was patently clear.  That the media would not print it showed how bizarre it was.  I received a request from Mr. Lihou for a response which I was working on last night and finishing this morning before being told of his story.

Response regarding Frost Allegations

After reviewing the release from Mr. Frost today it can only be deemed a desperate and sad attempt to divert attention from his failure with the River Kings and the allegations stemming from his alleged $690K Real Estate Fraud in California over Nicaraguan property.
Mr. Frost has made three such releases over the last four days, but today’s by far shows the excessive degree of desperation he seems to be exhibiting.
None of the allegations he made are true.   In fact Mr. Frost attended and participated in our February 5th Anniversary event at the Port.
It’s disturbing that someone would behave in the manner that Mr. Frost has as a sitting member of City Council and abusing his position with local media to try and again divert attention away from his own misdeeds and actions.
The fact that he has issued this only after he was sent notice by my legal representation to remove his previous defamatory statements  to the media that were published further shows his desperation.
I’m sure the justice system will prevail and the truth will conquer such vile and disgusting claims as Mr. Frost has made.
Having friends, family, and yes, sponsors and advertisers read this on Social Media in a group that Mr. Lihou supports is almost as dark as Mr. Frost’s desperate attempt to turn attention away from his mess.   After all I have never had to be escorted out of council for my protection.
I didn’t blow up a hockey team before Christmas after a community pulled together to support it.   And I certainly don’t have any of Mr. Hatset’s money.
Mr. Frost has a lot of answering to do.  His days in court will be coming.  I have pressed a complaint with the CCPS as well.
Nobody should have to take such abuse from a public official using his office to attack a local business in this manner.
Photo of Frost and Madden :  Facebook
Mr. Lihou updated his story to identify CFN editor Jamie Gilcig along with some extra info from Mr. Frost.
Frost said the sexual propositions were done face to face, and he has no record of the interactions.
Yet in the very next paragraph a statement is made that alleges to having to block Gilcig on facebook.   Surely it has to be one or the other, no?

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Best of luck with all of this. Like I said earlier this is soap opera quality stuff. I think he’s trying to divert attention away from him, the River Kings fiasco and the Nicaragua allegations. It’s going to be interesting the next little while.


Brock Frost you are a mighty sick man and need plenty of help from what I have been reading about you and laughing myself to sleep that no person ever made me laugh this much in a mighty long time – you are the exception to that rule. About losing money because of Jamie or anyone else, sir you have to get Domtar’s poisonous chemicals out of your brain cells. You would be mighty lucky if you could sell an “OUTHOUSE” in Cornwall these days. No normal person will go from a city down to live in Cornwall at all.… Read more »


@Jules: This isn’t a “Cornwall” issue, Ottawa is full of similar stuff, however, unlike Cornwall one must have a higher pedigree to be privy to what goes on in high society in Ottawa.

Your disgust for Cornwall is heard loud and clear. However, even though I moved from Cornwall nearly a year and half ago, I will say, that Cornwall is a great city and I’d move back now that I have seen other cities, which have their own set of challenges. This isn’t just Cornwall, it’s everywhere.

mary bray

Brock has gotten more delusional as of late & jealous media are taking advantage of his illness


Given Robert Brock Frost’s apparent coca-nut symptoms… one suspects the next press release will be from a rehab clinic asking for our prayers.

mary bray

If Brock gets the re-hab, will city have to keep his councilor seat empty? I,d like to be a fly on the wall when mayor & other councilors are talking about Brock Frost, just thinking that may be getting some frosty looks from them


Notice the pattern with the way he is dealing with Jamie, and the way he’s dealing with the river kings train wreck? He’s making things up, and blaming others. That’s the framework of how he deals with problems. My prediction is, that as councilor if given the chance he will make huge mistakes and deal with it this way as well.


Brock Frost is mighty sick indeed and there was something in his face when I looked at his site yesterday and didn’t want to say anything but it is quite noticeable. The man has to go away for a while and be hospitalized and it has nothing to do with him being afraid of the people but it has to do with what he is on. Everyone should have been cleared by the RCMP before getting into council or as mayor – this is completely ridiculous. Frosty has a much bigger problem to solve than what the people think he… Read more »

Marc L

The sad part of all of this is, so many people here in Cornwall hate Mr.Gilcig so much for telling the truth that thell back up Brock Frost and his lie,s.Brock Frost your a disgrace to many if not all the people who have truly been sexually harassed or assaulted.
Jamie i told you before THEY WILL TAKE YOU DOWN.


Do a little net search for sociopathy and the traits of a sociopath. It’s a way more common condition than you might think.

Lou Garoux

Mataphorically speaking, Brock Frost has royally bent-over the entire River Kings male roster, plus Darren Madden and Al Hatset — repeatedly and without their informed consent — So who’s the real harasser?


Jamie you are a mighty intelligent man and your wacky Jules put 2 + 2 together earlier and I don’t want to divulge my spidy feelings but reread everything that has been written about you from Frosty the Showman and read what he says and he gave himself enough rope to hang himself. How old do you think that Frosty is? Now what were the stories before about you calling and threatening someone of that age group? It is past the time that you get in touch with the chief of the Barney Fife PD and awaken him from his… Read more »


Yup. Way less would be good.


Yes you are absolutely right indeed. You are a very intelligent person and can read right through it all. Well you have your mighty wacky Jules here to deal with. LOL LOL. All the very best to you Jamie.

Cyn Lajoie

MODERATED because if you’re participating in a boycott/hate group of this media outlet you should really observe your boycott.


I agree with Jerry, Frost is making it up as he goes along! I certainly would NOT do any business with Frost nor Storm Realty!

Stacey gibeau

although I am not a big fan of either of you…I am also not an idiot…Frost is deflecting….guilty people do that! I am saddened and sickened by the whole thing……anyone who voted for Frost, me included, should soon be receiving buttons in the mail ‘Fu@kedbyfrost’. Paid for by someone in a third world nation I am sure, or a Nicaraguan businessman…not homeowner


Stacey Gibeau….. Yeap, Brock is doing the typical deflect. He’s hoping all his latest nonsense that he’s issued will make people forget about the River Kings mess he left. Sorry Brock, it doesn’t work that way.