Robert Brock Frost Honoured With Most Committee Seats in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig JAN 13, 2015

Robert Brock Frost Honoured With Most Committee Seats in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig JAN 13, 2015

Kim_Jong-Un_SketchPeople’s Republic of Cornwall Ontario – Monday night the Great Council of theBrock Frost Council DEC 8 2014 People’s Republic of Cornwall Ontario decreed that honorable Councilor Brock Fraud Frost most honoured status as he was placed on seven Committees, most of this most honorable council.

Mr. Frost, known for deceiving bad capitalist pig hockey fans into getting him elected by buying their hockey team and then stiffing them, as well as funny real estate deals against a US American capitalist pig was selected over all others for his acumen and integrity.

He was in particular put on the committees for Waterfront and Cornwall Housing as well as the Audit Committee.

He is a shining beacon of all that is honorable about the People’s Republic of Cornwall Ontario.

The Port Divestiture Committee is being led by Mayor O’Shaugnessy, and Councillors Bernadette Clement, Elaine MacDonald, and aged and honourable Claude “Leaky” McIntosh.  This should ensure a smooth transition of polluted crown lands so that Akwesasne can make money and Cornwall taxpayers can pay bill.   It is time to pay back to the Great victims of Capitilism and English Imperalism via the great purse that is the Cornwall rate payer who may have to pay 5.88% extra this year because…….sending two litigators to a small claims settlement hearing adds up.

Carilyne Hebert, on the lay committee, saw her mother join a committee.  As the Lay Committee worked in camera (read Hugo Rodrigues editorial in the Standard Freeholder) we have no  idea whether the most honorable with tacky tattoos recused herself of that conversation or if they swapped support to let other relatives and friends in like Andre Rivette’s son Rodney who ended up on two boards.

Punished were despised and soon to be exiled editor of CFN Jamie Gilcig and Roland Besner.   Both supported the uprising of the people to keep a family ice rink which the Honorable council did their best to destroy at Capitalist holiday instead of teaching by laws to children via VIP desires.   Together both applied to be on ten committees but no seats were given.  Julia Lucio, who some question whether she can spell her own name,  was given two seats on committees due to her incredible grasp of ethics including charging for food reviews and selling front page headlines and stories of her newspaper as advertising as has been spoken of glowingly with much respect and support.

Even venerated elder Glen Grant was put in high esteem and placed on two committees showing that the People’s Republic of Cornwall Ontario will stand for its generations of tradition in honouring those that give to their community in the way that only people like Glen Grant can.


You may now leave approved comments of glory of your Supreme Council of the People’s Republic of Cornwall Ontario.

UPDATED Jan 15, 2015

It should be noted that this was a satirical piece and that Mr. Frost had less slots than Councilor Bernadette Clement who while on environmental board remained silent while the city was trapping beavers in our nature park.  Cornwall politics can be wacky and sometimes levity is the only device to endure the travails of weirdness.

Let them eat beaver

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Oh there is plenty that I would love to bash BOB but BOB is finished both physically and mentally for the job as mayor and never was good at all. Now BOB is battling for his life and I wish him the best health wise because he will need it. Nobody would ever want to go through what BOB is going through just now. Say some prayers for him that he succeeds through this horrible ordeal.

christopher north

God I love the photo of bernie Antoinette…..yep …its just about says it all Jaime ….your too funny… it……she makes marie look really messed up….!