Frosty the Forger? Cornwall Ontario Councilor BROCK FROST to be Charged in Quebec on June 19, 2015

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CFN has documents issued by a court in Quebec that state that our own wacky City Councilor Brock Frost has to deal with a Criminal Code of Canada 368 1 A. and 380 which is for Fraud.

crim 368

Criminal Code 368 deals with the use of fraud and use of a forged document which in this case is alleged to be the bond of security used when purchasing the River Kings.  Mr. Frost will also be charged with a section 380 which is fraud.

The date of the infraction is October 6, 2014 with the case being opened on April 27, 2015.

Mr. Frost is to appear in Levis Quebec Courts on June 19th, 2015.   Police have stated that if he doesn’t appear in Quebec the CCPS will have to assist as there would be a warrant issued for his arrest.

We could not ask Mr. Frost for comment as he has asked the CCPS to not allow me to communicate with him and for some strange reason a CCPS officer communicated that to me.  After my first bout of wrongful arrest you can’t blame a boy for being paranoid although probably not as paranoid as Mr. Frost who went to CCPS and a Justice of the Peace making allegations that this writer was going to “beat him up” and showed up at his home, neither of which took place.

Mr. Frost is also being pursued by one Al Hatset of the US over his real estate deal with Mr. Frost which saw Mr. Hatset not get his property and saw his money go poof!

Frost essentially told a porkie to the Freeholder when he was recently quoted as stating:

A city councillor is claiming rumours of a criminal investigation springing from his ownership of the Cornwall River Kings will be put to rest very soon.

Coun. Brock Frost said he requested the Ligue Nord Americaine de Hockey issue a media statement.

“The league is gonna (sic) issue a press release to essentially quash all these stories,” Frost said in an email Tuesday afternoon.

CFN is glad to put those nasty rumours to bed proving that he is in fact to be criminally charged for both Fraud and Forgery.  The league never issued the mysterious press release either.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.  You can reach us at


Brock Frost spouted some porkies in his interview with the talented Todd Hambleton of the Freeholder.

In an email to the newspaper on Friday morning, Frost said he has “no knowledge of any charges in Quebec. The only information I have is what has been told to me by the media. I live in Ottawa and don’t pay much attention to what is said in Cornwall.”


Frost added he’s never been contacted by police in Quebec, that “I have never been arrested and have only been to Quebec twice in two years.”

Frost Court Papers

Listed as the complainant in the court document is Pierre Paradis, of Levis. The Standard-Freeholder has been unable to confirm any link between Paradis and the Ligue Nord Americaine de Hockey, the league the Cornwall River Kings play in.

CFN can confirm that Mr. Paradis is an officer with police who laid the charges.  (Wasn’t Mr. Frost charged with a DUI?  Wouldn’t that have been an arrest?)

Last week, Frost told the Standard-Freeholder rumours of a criminal investigation springing from his ownership of the River Kings would be put to rest shortly and that he requested the LNAH to issue a media statement.

Which never was published.

In that email exchange last week, Frost indicated that he wasn’t aware of any criminal investigation or charges.

Frost Court Papers

“The league is (going to) issue a press release to essentially quash all these stories,” Frost said in the May 19 e-mail.

Again, what happened to that release?

Frost wrote a subsequent email saying, “the release will essentially say that there are no debts owing, I have followed all league rules, the league has no complaints against me and that our business is done.”

As we reported those “rumours” have now been proven true as Frost is to be charged with both Fraud and Forgery.   Mr. Frost was mailed a summons.   CCPS were aware of the summons and if Mr. Frost didn’t show up, knowingly or not, a warrant would be served by local police.

However in his statement that he now lives in Ottawa is news as he’s listed his Long Sault property as his address on multiple court documents.

I live in Ottawa and don’t pay much attention to what is said in Cornwall.

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Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray!!!! I hope that in Québec along with Mr. Haslat in the US along with others nails Frosty the Showman to the wall and that he loses everything. This is a piece of news that has made my day.

Horatio Caine

Jamie, what a scoop ! This should be interesting to see how this plays out ? lol

Darren M.

“I live in Ottawa and don’t pay much attention to what is said in Cornwall.

Seriously…..I prefer representation that pays attention.


The heat is on. Bothe the Standard-Freeholder and the seaway News are reporting on this as well.


Well, at least they covered it this time. Now, let’s see what Brock does.

Kathleen Evans

Should not be on city council if not paying attention to what’s going on in Cornwall. Is this the kind of councillor we want? Not me.

Debbie Ward

Totally agree with you Kathleen Evans ….how ridiculous is it that Brock Frost lives in Ottawa and conveniently pays no taxes towards his own salary, effectively free loading off the Cornwall taxpayers? In addition, he has the nerve to say he pays no attention to what is said in Cornwall, the city he is paid to represent.


Is it any worse than when Bob Kilger lived in Ottawa and was mayor of Cornwall?


I agree. The rules for being on city council in Ontario need to be tightened up just a tad.


I agree with Hugger that if you don’t live in the town that you represent then you shouldn’t be mayor or council and yes the laws have to be tightened up for sure. Only in Cornwall would such nonsense like this and other things happen. Frosty has a mighty bad reputation and all will melt in the wash soon when all hell breaks loose. I don’t want him on my turf.


Jules….it doesn’t just happen in Cornwall. This is a problem province wide. Even the provincial political parties get involved by parachuting candidates into ridings.

Bernadette Clement sat through the harassment and dismissal of a city employee for reporting elder abuse at the Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge. She also seems to have missed the conspiratorial cover-up of the offence by city staff and politicians. And now, under her supposed “lawyer” nose, the ridiculous situation of “Frosty the Showman” Anyone that would choose her to exercise her situational awareness (or lack of), or legal prowess (or lack of), or political acumen for that matter — that voter would be an absolutely mindless twit. BTW It would be neat to find the Cogeco video clip of Bernie discussing her… Read more »

Any update on what transpired in court on Friday?