Hypocrites & Scoundrels in Cornwall – Lihou Frost & Almost All of Council by Jamie Gilcig MAY 30, 2015

lihouCORNWALL Ontario – I wrote, over a year ago, that Brock Frost was to Politics what Syphilis was to dating.

Oddly enough within 24 hours of posting that on Facebook Mr. Frost dialed me up, asked for a meeting and purchased an ad package for his run for Council.

It was truly odd as he’d been a nasty toe rag towards myself and CFN previously.  Almost as odd as him later issuing a press release stating that at that meeting I’d made sexual advances on him.  (Of course he didn’t mention in the release that he bought an ad package.)

Mr. Frost still owes money on that deal.  I don’t sue people under a certain dollar amount.

Todd Lihou, editor of the Seaway News, (see Todd, we don’t call people strange names like blogger etc even though bloggers are being killed around the world for doing some of the things the journalists like yourself are supposed to do but don’t) was part of the same hate group on facebook that Mr. Frost was.

Where was Mr. Lihou’s voice as it became clear and apparent what was going on?   Where was his voice this week when the mayor and two councilors were served with Conflict of Interest lawsuits?   Not a freaking word.

And Todd was late to the party on the Frost charges which only one media outlet, this one, actually went to Quebec to get the actual legal documents from the court to prove those charges were in fact real and not rumour as was published in other media.

Mr. Lihou just wrote a very disturbing piece suggesting that Frost “Do the right thing”, but honestly would Lihou know the right thing if it bit him on the buttocks?  Has he himself done the right thing and if he is so concerned about the right thing what about the hundreds of units in Cornwall Housing that as we speak can’t have window air conditioners in +30 weather without facing eviction?   Nope, he couldn’t be bothered with that story either.

Todd, like many of us is concerned with Frost’s Kilgeresque comment.

“I live in Ottawa and don’t pay much attention to what is said in Cornwall.”

But how many in Cornwall do pay attention?  And more importantly how can they pay attention when hack journalists like Lihou cover up the real stories, probably for fear of losing ad dollars from the very cretins that journalism is supposed to expose?

So let’s extend Mr. Lihou’s coverage to Mayor O’Shaugnessy and Councilors MacDonald and Hebert who were served for clearly being in conflict of interest.    It’s all on the city’s web archive of the meeting.   All the evidence really needed is on video.

The Freeholder reported that Leslie O’Shaugnessy  had one legal opinion and decided on a second before having a press conference that I would be excluded from.    That most likely telegraphs a few things. The first opinion wasn’t to his liking.   And secondly if he truly felt he was innocent why would he have that presser and not allow me to be there?  I’m certainly not a threat having been invited to his home previously.  I have no criminal or violent background.  I write words and generally am 100% dead on in our quotes and insights.   Isn’t it just consistent favortism given to selected media as has been the case since O’Shaughnessy has been elected?

Isn’t that quote by the mayor, if accurate, a petty lashing out by someone who clearly doesn’t like being caught and exposed?

He and the councilors may be able to drag it up and run up big legal bills, but at the end of the day the right thing should be done by this council and those involved.

I personally find it deplorable that Council has not publicly asked Mr. Frost to step down months ago when most of what officially has come to be was known.  I know I would have.  Where is the leadership?   The Integrity?  Where is the transparency and accountability that Mr. O’Shaughnessy complained about that was lacking under Bob Kilger?

At the very least Mr. Frost should be removed from all committees and not have access to privileged city information until his charges are cleared up.

No, Brock Frost, Elaine MacDonald, and Leslie O’Shaugnessy should all step down.  It’s the decent thing to do not only in the situation, but for the community.   That none of them most likely will says more about those that voted for them all than the people themselves.   After all this isn’t the first Conflict of Interest perpetuated by Ms MacDonald.

Carilyne Hebert gets a pass as she accepted the legal counsel of O’Shaugnessy in a live Council meeting.    I think she should publicly apologize to the community at the next council meeting and deserves a chance to start to do the right thing around the table.

As for Mr. Lihou?  Well if his brand of journalism is what TC media stand for that’s their choice.  They are a private business.    They can hide news, abuse people as I was during the campaign and during my arrest like I was by Mr. Lihou as he likewise has done to others, but luckily for people like myself and other viewers we have other local options.

Mr. Lihou went to his usual suspects on council, his work mate Claude McIntosh and David Murphy who expressed shock at Frost’s situation. Frankly both deserve the William Shatner acting award on that one and I don’t imagine too many swallow that Kilgerwater.

And speaking of Bob he was seen in Cornwall the day of the Cedars on Wheels smash in.   Hope he gets better as our T shirt lawsuit keeps getting adjourned because he’s too ill to attend.

And the funniest thing I’ve seen this week is Bernie Clement pimping a John Earle special video clip about her run for the Liberal nomination.    You sit on a council that has this mess going on and you put out a video to run for higher office?    Now that’s funny!


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While I’ll agree Brock Frost should do the right thing and step down, he won’t Morally he should step down. But legally he doesn’t have to. I see Brock fighting this as best he can.

David Oldham

Men take ownership of their actions and accept consequences for such. Cowards on the other hand hide behind a wall of excuses or silence cowering in fear of having to stand up like a man. Whether Brock likes it or not he has in all likelihood been judged for his actions as a result of the manner in which he has conducted himself. Man or coward you decide for yourself. As for myself….you know…if walks like a duck, sounds like a duck odds are.


Jamie this is one of the best articles that I have ever read and if only you can see me roar with laughter like a tiger and this is no kidding. LOL LOL. ROLF! You said everything right to the point and I love it. BOB in Cornwall near the “smash in” and about “syphilis on a date” and so many good examples. We were talking about Frosty here and we all agreed in my household that Frosty should resign and go down in shame and the man has no morals nor principals nor self respect because if he did… Read more »