HOLY GILLES LATOUR! Details on Cornwall Ontario Rip Off King by Jamie Gilcig Jan 12, 2016

HOLY GILLES LATOUR!   Details on Cornwall Ontario Rip Off King by Jamie Gilcig Jan 12, 2016

Gilles Latour represents the very worst of the corruption that is so pervasive in Cornwall Ontario.    The bullying, the abuse, and back room wheeling and dealing.    The former President of Team Cornwall, and Liberal bag man for Bob Kilger and other prominent politicos is alleged to have not cooperated with the MFDA investigation into charges of essentially ripping off elderly and defenseless clients including….his own mother.

CFN broke the original story which slowly was covered by other area media.    Latour is still honoured in some places in Cornwall.   The MFDA just released information updating the Latour file.  While some of the info has been released in area media we have decided to release the content from the MFDA.
Latour Victim 1 MFDAClient #1 was 80 years old.  Latour is alleged to have “borrowed” $36K to help his…mother.     That client has been stiffed.

Client #2 is only 64, and a widower.Latour Victim 2 MFDA

Latour supposedly nailed him for over $500K!   Nothing has been said to be returned.

Latour Victim 3a MFDA Latour Victim 3b MFDA

Latour Victim 3b MFDAClient #3 is 87 and in a nursing home! Total of over $650K for this one including $20K borrowed from the victim’s daughter & son in law   $4,572 returned.

The worst though is what Latour is alleged to have done to his own mom.

Latour Victim 4a MFDA Latour Victim 4b MFDA Latour Victim 4c MFDA

A Brock Frostian GIC for $151K that was never registered?    Latour has not cooperated or responded to the investigation according to the document above.

This is separate from the Criminal Charges lodged against Latour.  He faces fines of up to $5,000,000 per offence.


How does someone go from being so intrinsically wound into the fabric of a community and turn out to be such an alleged scoundrel and rip off artist?    Does anyone think that Latour will come out innocent from these very grave and serious charges?

Cornwall has a history of covering up for its many dirt bags throughout history.

Wife beating, alcoholism, stealing of funds, abuse of position, and that’s just one politician from yesteryear that some still consider with awe.

Project Truth?  A $50+ Million dollar cover up of those who covered up for those how mauled children in the community.

Even this very newspaper and yours truly have been vilified, and fiscally mauled for simply publishing simple truths that exist in Cornwall and the area.  All one has to do is look at my fake criminal charge and hold over as well as the City led boycott of CFN to see the ugly face of bullying and corruption including intimidation of some of our clients who were forced to drop their advertising for fear of reprisals such as not getting renovation permits.

Are you tired of creeps like this getting revered and free passed while good people leave our city in numbers far too many?   Is it any wonder why Pitt Street, and Montreal Road are becoming ghost strips?

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How does someone allegedly who didn’t finish their high school go from selling windows to having people trust him with their life savings?      How can people in Cornwall have seen the big house, fast expensive cars, and lavish life style and not blink?      I’ve met some of his former clients and these are good people.  Some of whom are actually hard working and fairly intelligent?

Is all you need in life to have success a tuxedo and fake smile?

When Latour is eventually convicted shouldn’t we all be looking at those that put in in the position to commit such fiscal atrocities?   Should we be looking at his political friends and those that propped him up and even maybe bought him some time before his house of cards collapsed?   For example his ol buddy Rick Shaver’s Seaway News just ran a puff piece where Latour sorta kinda proclaims his innocence……

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Did you do business with Mr. Latour?  You can post your comments below.

None of the charges have been proven in court to date.

Latour photo: Facebook

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I have something here that would apply to Holy Crap Gilles Latour and it is a reading by Donald Trump about the Snake.


Gee Hugger you mean that you and Jamie will not join me in that gigantic sinkhole on Rideau Street. We would have a lot of fun trying to climb out of that one. We can make mud pies with all the crap in that hole. LOL LOL ROLF! Maybe I can pitch one at Justine like that woman with the pumpkin seeds. LOL LOL. ROLF! That reminded me of Cornhole’s grass clippings being tossed around. LOL LOL.


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