Who is Rob Frost or RB Frost? Brock Fraud Spins Name & Switches Real Estate Firms In Ottawa MARCH 14, 2016

Who is Rob Frost or RB Frost?  Brock Fraud Spins Name & Switches Real Estate Firms In Ottawa MARCH 14, 2016

Disgraced, now former City Councilor, Robert Brock Frost, has switched Ottawa Real Estate Firms and is now billing himself as RB Frost or Rob Frost.

RB frost fb MARCH 9 16

The big question is why the name flipping?  Frost recently pled guilty to fraud over the forged security for his purchase of the Cornwall River Kings of the LNAH.  He was let off with a wrist slap of only 200 hours of community service and a one year suspended sentence that he essentially gloated about online.

Only Quebec Judge Carol St-Cyr, and Crown François Godin can answer why they left Mr. Frost off so easily for charges that could have resulted in up to fourteen years jail time, especially with Mr. Frost’s similar pattern of dodgy deals.

Rob Frost REMAX march 9 16

Frost himself issued a press release in which he writes about himself in the 3rd person.

Re: Press release concerning Quebec criminal charges – File # 200-01-192168-155

To Whom It May Concern,

On March 7th, 2016, a Provincial Court judge in Quebec City granted Brock Frost a one-year conditional discharge in the above-mentioned matter.

Frost, who was charged in April 2015 with uttering a forged document and fraud over $5000 in relation to his ownership of the Cornwall River Kings says he “couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

By definition, a conditional discharge is a sentence passed in criminal court with no punishment and for which an individual technically pleads guilty to an offence but is deemed not to have been convicted. It is often used by the courts when the offences are considered minor in nature, a lack of criminal intent exists and the accused has no previous criminal history. InFrost’s case, there will be no jail time, no fines, no penalties, no conviction and no permanent criminal record whatsoever.Frost will be required to complete 200 hours of community service over a one-year period after which he will receive an absolute discharge.

Upon a review of the facts, the charge of uttering a forged document was completely withdrawn and the fraud over $5000 charge was further reduced to fraud under $5000.

The facts of the case, read out loud in court by Crown Attorney Francois Godin, are summarized as follows:

Frost purchased a franchise from the LNAH in 2014

– In addition to the purchase price, a security of $35,000 was required

Frost provided 2 cheques to the LNAH – one that was cashed immediately and the other that was post-dated

– The 2nd cheque was not honoured

– The LNAH confirmed that they have not suffered any financial loss in this matter and no monies are owed by Frost

– Forgery charge to be withdrawn and fraud over $5000 reduced to fraud under $5000

Frost stated that there were essentially only two options for him to consider:

A) proceed to trial which would cost upwards of $80,000 and take 2 years to complete, not to mention the time away from home and work.

B) submit evidence to the Crown in an attempt to have the charges withdrawn/reduced and/or obtain a conditional discharge.

“Given the circumstances and carefully considering all of the potential outcomes, I am more than happy with the way things turned out. My choice to accept the conditional discharge was frankly the least expensive, most efficient and most pragmatic option I could make. This entire case was nothing more than a misunderstanding that was drastically blown out of proportion. I am simply glad it is over and I can now finally move on.”

In true sincerity,

Brock Frost

He states that he took the deal rather than spend $80K.  The question is what did the Quebec Crown gain by obliging him?   While sources have stated that Mr. Frost made restitution to the league isn’t that like allowing a bank robber to not really be punished if they gave the money back?  If the second cheque bounced then there definitely was fraud over $5K?

Frost still is facing a court date with Darren Madden who Frost tried to sell the team to before folding his tent.

brock & darren fbMadden stated to CFN:

It is a shame that things have come to this. 

As a fan of hockey and the LNAH I find this whole criminal proceeding dismaying.
Contacted at his office, Broker of Record at Remax Core Realty, Winston Penny spoke anxiously and stated “No Comment” regarding Mr. Frost.
RECO the agency governing Real Estate Professionals in Ontario also cited privacy concerns, but stated that they review cases individually.
A viewer however sent in a complaint sent to RECO, and stated they never received a reply from the agency.
What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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To me it’s pretty obvious why he’s gone from being known as “Brock Frost” to “Rob” or “RB Frost.” It is to distance himself from the various legal proceedings in the past, present and future. If one searches “Brock Frost” they will come up with all the hits scored by the various legal proceedings, etc. But search “Rob” or “RB Frost and it’s a clean slate. To be continued….


As for his move from Keller-Williams to Re-Max one has to wonder if it was his doing or KB’s desire to rid themselves of “Brock Frost” and his criminal convictions. Going by “Rob” or “RB Frost” allows him to sort of start fresh/ It’s kind of slimy if you ask me. As was his wiggle from Cornwall to Ottawa for better business opportunities.


Does R. B. Frost, Rob Frost, Brock Frost, and Robert Brock Frost count as four avid followers of the Cornwall Free News?… Just how many times per day does the otherwise known as “Brock Fraud” visit the pages of CFN?


What reputable company would employ a weasel like Frost?


“What’s in a name that smells so sweet” William Shakespeare
Robert Fraud Frost or RB Frost or Brock Frost he is a fraudster and it is getting all over the place about who he really is and cannot hide it. Nobody wants to deal with a fraudster, a thief or anything like that. Frosty is finished no matter what he calls himself. Frosty’s reputation stinks no matter where he goes.


Will the real Robert Brock Frost please stand up. You may run but you cannot hide – Brocky you are too well known even if you went to Toronto or anywhere else you cannot hide. Brock Fraud’s reputation is well known and even if Re/Max has any kind of a moral code they will fire him as well and any real estate company and even as a cashier he would be thrown out since he is dealing with money.


Bob Fraud certainly seems to follow the CFN editor’s doings very closely. Looks like you’ve got a stalker there Jamie. If you ever drop the bar soap, just leave it.


It is strange that the Yankee man in California wasn’t mentioned in the grand theft that Rob Fraud did (almost a million dollars in theft in a Nicaragua real estate deal). There is a great deal wrong with Brock Fraud mentally. When the fraudster used to pass out and get a paramedic to take him to the hospital because he couldn’t face the public but was stealing from the people.

David Oldham
David Oldham

The obvious reason would be an attempt to avoid having individuals hitting Brock Frost on a search engine. So you post a story Rob Frost a.k.a. Brock Frost a.k.a. Robert Brock Frost pleads guilty to charges of fraud to ensure people known who they are really dealing with.

Steve Mcqueen