BREAKING – Brock Frost Charity Page Gone from GOFUNDME Nov 8, 2016

BREAKING – Brock Frost Charity Page Gone from GOFUNDME Nov 8, 2016

Cornwall Ontario –   CFN has learned from a viewer that disgraced former City Councilor Robert Brock Frost’s gofundme page for his new “Charity” to raise cash for Brock’s love of travelling  Haiti storm recovery is no more.

Frost had previously pled guilty after being charged with fraud and forgery over his exploits as owner of the Cornwall River Kings hockey club of the LNAH.


Going to the gofundme page now simply goes to the site’s main page.


Frost was well on his way to raising his goal of $10,000.00.

Gofundme is a crowd sourcing site of good repute that raises funds for many good causes.

Frost is now under investigation regarding his recent proposal to settle with his $2 million + in liabilities he reported via Ottawa trustee Jeff Webb.

Frost is alleged to have told at least one party that he lied to his trustee and creditors in the settlement process.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.   If you have any info about Brock Frost or his cronies please email as this party did.

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The page has disappeared, just as the money and donations will disappear, although a copy will be forwarded to the Canada Revenue Agency for investigation.
Between the shady organizers and the corrupt Haitian officials this stuff will be swallowed by bribes and theft, and/or resold.
Nevertheless… God bless the naïve good hearted people at both ends — maybe be more prudent in the future.


It seems the page is back up. There you go folks …GoFundMe has NO credibility.

– no registration for this “charity”
– no public record of goods collected
– no public accounting for expenditures (air fare, accommodation, food, drink, etc.)
– no indication of shipping method or prep for Haiti customs
– no plan

There’s no credibility for a “charity” run by an admitted FRAUD.