Mitch Gagne Bails on Another Cornwall Hockey Team – Will Nationals Survive by Jamie Gilcig

Mitch Gagne Bails on Another Cornwall Hockey Team – Will Nationals Survive by Jamie Gilcig

CORNWALL ONTARIO – DEC 19, 2016   Hockey fans in Cornwall are wondering if their beloved Cornwall Nationals will be able to survive the season.

After the Cornwall River King fiasco via disgraced former City Councilor Brock Fraud Frost can you blame them?

News leaked this weekend that Gagne left the team.     Team owner Rodney Rivette spoke with CFN and while saying that he couldn’t say much at this time he was emphatic that the team will finish the season and that he hopes to be announcing a new investor shortly as well as a new GM to replace Gagne.

Both Gagne, and Rivette refused to talk financials regarding the team.

Several season ticket holders had cracked wise at the beginning of the season about having a pool to see when Gagne would leave.

Gagne responed to CFN this morning.

I sold my share to Rod that’s the bottom line. I wanted to focus on my main business more. That’s the truth. No hard feelings on anything. Strictly a business decision on my end.

Several sources have shared that there was allegedly an issue in that Mitch wanted to sell to a new investor and that Mr. Rivette didn’t.

What do you think Cornwall fans?  Will the Nats finish the season?   Is Mitch Gagne the kiss of death to any enterprise in the Cornwall Ontario area?   Can any team in Cornwall make money unless their players pay to play?  And why do the Benson’s own the Cornwall Royal name?

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When will they learn? The market has consistently spoken… they don’t want a team. With the last game getting north of 600 fans, it’s pretty tough to run in black ink with that type of support.


This just rips my heart out… Every now and then, I come to the realization that life ain’t worth living anymore. Life without the Nationals would be horrible!


Yes, exactly what is going on with the Bensons and the Cornwall Royals…