Chapters Pulls Ottawa Radio Personality Lowell Green’s Book MAY 19, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Popular Ottawa radio personality Lowell Green has said he’s devastated to discover that his new book that celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday has been pulled from Chapters bookstores after an alleged complaint.

He posted to his social media page Friday afternoon.

Mr. Green, a relative newcomer to social media has been building up a large fan base.  Within an hour over 100 comments, almost all supportive were left by his fans.

Chapters Indigo Coles Please Put Lowell Green's New Book Back on the Tables & Shelves Including any Canada 150 Displays.


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21 Beverly Smith Pembroke May 20, 2017
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3 Eric Chabot Orleans May 20, 2017
2 Wendy Mockett Renfrew May 20, 2017
1 Lisa Darragh Ottawa May 20, 2017

(please note petition info doesn’t instantly show up)

The former CFRA radio host has been suffering from some medical issues that is keeping him from attending signing sessions for the book, but has been signing and shipping the book through his website.

Chapters did not respond to our inquiry before press time.


Thank you for the opportunity to respond. Mr. Green’s book remains available as are his other titles we carry.  It appears the  concern is around placement within the store.

The book was not slated to be positioned on the Canada 150 table as our procurement team reserves the right to curate our table selections according to our themes, and instead have chosen to highlight a range of books that celebrate the diverse history of Canada . Unfortunately, not every book published is selected for table placement. Lowell Green fans can certainly find his book in select stores and on kiosk in store, as well as at

Kind regards.

Janet Eger
VP, Public Affairs

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10 Comments on "Chapters Pulls Ottawa Radio Personality Lowell Green’s Book MAY 19, 2017"

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Poor LG. Another “celebrity” who thinks he deserves special treatment. I’ve never liked him, never will.


Lowell, the last three sentences of your statement – regardless of who you are – make me want to smack you and say: Get a grip.


The book is still available – it’s just not displayed. I purchased two copies – including one for my mother – haven’t had an opportunity to read it yet – will have to get back to you on that score.


I guess some like him, some don’t. Personally I don’t like him. Now, Ken “The General” Grant was a nice, funny man who didn’t argue just for the sake of arguing.


agree with you Jamie – there is a much larger issue here other than popularity. Personally, I’m not a fan of Lowell Green either; i find him rude, arrogant and i agree with one of your other commentators who says that Ken-the General – Grant, was a gentleman and a humorist, who didn’t argue just for the sake or arguing. Which Lowell Green surely did and does do; maybe that was part of “shtick” and


and only done for ratings. But his book should not have been “pulled” from display solely for reasons of propriety; if that is what happened. Just my opinion.


Jamie something is very wrong in Cornwall when nobody spoke up about those “swastikas” but here in Ottawa there are plenty of people who protest against such things. Cornwall is way behind other places and it is like the town does not exist – it is totally and completely dead. The people are gone zombified. I made a new word zombified. LOL LOL. ROLF!

Albert Miner

An anonymous complaint can bring down a book at Chapters. Well, put me on record complaining about any books by one Donald Trump.
Oh, BTW, has anybody complained about Pierre Vallieres’ anglo version of his book Negres Blancs d’Amerique? Just wondering.


Jamie I have experienced some of Cornwall’s backward ways and so have my kids experienced it and I would have to look around for a town that is in the 21st century and not something back in the days of like Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie and other such times that never got ahead. I couldn’t deal with that again.