CFN Will Not be Covering the Cornwall Nationals Due to Rodney Rivette 082317

CFN Will Not be Covering the Cornwall Nationals Due to Rodney Rivette 082317

Cornwall Ontario – Hockey is a challenging business in this community.  Heck, just about any business is challenging in Cornwall due to our depressed economy.

CFN has a strong and successful history of supporting events and groups (when we’ve been allowed to) but the chicanery and mayhem that ranges from corruption from City Hall to media outlets thinking that they “own” events or activities has led to strange challenges.

It’s been sad to see so many fail or die out like Lift Off for no other reason than human greed, ignorance and stupidity.

As many know this newspaper played a key role in saving the River Kings from the mess that was Brock Frost.

When Rodney Rivette and his motley crue decided to run the Nationals (what a horrible name for a team) we essentially gave them the same phenomenal season package as the River Kings only to see their marketing person, Shannon Ferguson, trash us on social media, and ultimately see Mr. Rivette not live up to a very modest deal (which was further discounted to it being their first season) that he didn’t live up to.

After months of being “jerked” around since the off season we have decided to cut ties with the team because frankly when you work for free almost you expect a smidge better.   And when we work for near free it’s to support the community which Mr. Rivette clearly doesn’t seem to be doing.

It seems he’s trying to take a page from the Brock Frost playbook and parlay a hockey team to political gain.   Good for him if that works, but I’m not sure that people should be elected because of nepotistic side deals and shady behavior.

We wish the players and fans of the Nationals the best this season, if it occurs.

The good news is we hear rumblings of a real minor league team, that’s based with an actual Canadian league, kicking Cornwall’s tires and have already had chats with one of the majors about supporting their efforts.

Kindness should never be misinterpreted for weakness.

CFN will continue to be here to support events in the community and the region when we’re allowed.

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Petty politics all around. If another minor team is thinking about operating in Cornwall they need their heads examined.


I think the Standard-Freeholder will be carrying Nationals hockey news stories anyway.

Jeff 2.0
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Jamie I never comment on hockey or any sports – my family are nuts over sports but not me – I am nuts over my quilting. Anyways to get down to this Cornwall could not afford a professional hockey team and everything folded and left town. It is great to go to a game and that is the truth but professional hockey belongs in big cities where there is plenty of people and mighty high taxes to boot.


Burned too many times to even think about any team making Cornwall their base.


Breaks my heart..