Will the Rodney Rivette Led Cornwall Nationals Finish the Season? 102917

Will the Rodney Rivette Led Cornwall Nationals Finish the Season? 102917

Cornwall Ontario –  I love hockey.  I’ve been very lucky and been able to work in the sport from touring with some of its greatest legends, to working for a hockey card company, running sport card shows, and eventually working for the Montreal Canadiens before leaving the industry in the 90’s.

Sadly, because of petty corruption the Cornwall Colts and this newspaper have zero relationship.     We covered the Akwesasne Warriors under Basem Awwad’s ownership.  He had brought the team to Akwesasne because of the corruption surrounding the Civic Complex and high costs with limited revenue options.    Basem is now Gm or secretly in an ownership position as the current incarnation of the team has the kindest deal ever given since we started covering hockey in Cornwall.   Perhaps Mr. Rivette’s dad being a city councilor helped weevil out a few perks for the team?

The Cornwall River Kings were a good minor league product during some of its life.  The hockey was semi-professional with a few former NHL’ers playing the game.   After the Brock Frost ownership scandal and scam it pretty much spelled the end of semi pro hockey in Cornwall.

Mr. Rivette swooped in and brought back the FHL to the region as he aspires to get his own Frostian seat on council.  He had great hopes, but little to no money.  The team, poorly marketed (its marketing manager (Shannon Ferguson) actually trashed their biggest media partner on social media ) and run, limped through its first season.  Being the only Canadian franchise in a league with a lot of border crossing and travel didn’t make it easier.

Now with pre-season ending there is little to no heat for the team which has drawn under 500 per preseason game in spite of heavily discounted tickets.

Frankly it’s sad, but also a sign of the times.   In this internet age you have to have a good product to get people to come out to the rink and give you money; especially in a town that his dad has been such a big part of the destruction of its economy.

Chatting with a few former season ticket holders who shared that they just aren’t happy with the team under Rivette the bigger question is if Cornwall is still a hockey town or not?   It’s not a mill town any longer and its growth area are seniors who generally don’t want to sit in a cold barn on Saturday night drinking overpriced beer.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Can this team survive under Rivette’s command?     You can post your comments below.

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E.T. Bass
E.T. Bass

Last nights exhibition game had less than 500 bums in the seats. Must say, a real amateur event all around . When you buy your ticket , they scribble an “N” on your wrist ? I said, what in hell is this, they said we don’t have tickets ? I thought, I was back in high school ! The promotion of this team locally is a joke. Basem, I would look long & hard at the boycott of CFN ?


I would go if they’d fix the damn seats in the Complex. I swear those are the original ones from when it was built in 1976. Those things are in very bad shape. I hear the Canadian Tire Centre will be refitting their seats shortly. Perhaps they could swing a deal to get some of those seats.