Are the Cornwall Nationals Finished? Has Rodney Rivette Killed Them? 122717

Are the Cornwall Nationals Finished?  Has Rodney Rivette Killed Them?  122717

Cornwall Ontario – Alas, coach Joel Trottier has left the Cornwall Nationals.   The team’s struggles this year can’t be blamed on the coach as he’s led them to a league leading 10-3 record.   The team even has the fewest penalty minutes.

Rumblings are that Coach Trottier has left the team for financial issues, and has not responded to a request for an interview.

The team’s press release stated:

COACH TROTTS: The Nationals will be without head coach Joel Trottier until the New Year. Trottier is on a personal leave from the Federal Hockey League team.

Leaks emanating from the team are not optimistic with lots of rumblings and mostly finger pointing at Rodney Rivette, listed as President of the team although Mr. Rivette allegedly lives in his parent’s (Councilor Andre Rivette is his dad) home/basement and is driving the actual team owner, Will Beauvais’ truck.

Rodney has expressed his desire to replace his dad on City Council even though he’s never really held a job or been successful at any business including the Nationals to this writer’s knowledge emulating scandal plagued scammer Brock Frost who actually did get elected to council.   To Mr. Frost’s credit he did own his own home, even if his dad had to bail him out too.

Mr. Beauvais did not respond to CFN for this story.  He said he was in a conference call with the league.

There are also rumors that some players are refusing to go on the team’s next long road trip.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time for another Ace marketing letter from Shannon Ferguson whining about how Cornwall isn’t a hockey town again?   You can post your comments below.

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I think if you brought back major junior hockey it would work. People would get behind the Royals again. Only problem that bringing an OHL team would cost a few million. But I do think it could work in Cornwall. The Complex is big enough, yest it’s old but it’s functional. Get rid of this semi pro garbage! People will go watch young kids that will one day play in the NHL.

Pete Walbee
Pete Walbee

Bob, not a chance this city would support OHL team Royals, you’re dreaming! As for the Nats, does it surprise you? What does surprise me is they’re a first place team with low attendance and they’re still around.

Marcel Beauvais
Marcel Beauvais

I just want to say on behalf of my brother ; let’s support the Nationals. Will Beauvais has put a lot of time and money into the team. Do not post any more negative things about the Cornwall Nationals!!