CFN 2017 Numbers! 15,345, 911 Human Pageviews UP 13%! CLICK FOR DETAILS!

CFN 2017 Numbers!   15,345, 911 Human Pageviews UP 13%!  CLICK FOR DETAILS!

It’s always amazing to see some local ad choices by businesses in the Cornwall area.

The newspaper with the most ads (not necessarily ad dollars) has the least amount of news and least amount of viewers.  We also have seen the demise of two newspapers, le Journal, which again shows that sadly the francophone market isn’t viable in this area without government support, and the very short lived Seniors Newspaper that saw advertisers spend lots of cash for the promise of only 10,000 printed copies for distribution or about a day on CFN.

Think about that.  Businesses spent more for a print ad in Cornwall than one day of exposure on CFN and they paid a huge amount more.  Is that how to grow your business?

As a matter of fact business, government, and charities lost out on as much as 45 MILLION ad impressions in 2017 in this newspaper as opposed to one of our competitors that farms out digital ads to other websites including THIS NEWSPAPER which means certain advertisers are actually paying a monstrously large premium for their digital ads to be seen on CFN!

It’s bewildering I’m sure to the two main newspapers in the community because the reality is that without resources we can’t do our jobs, and you can’t get the local news and opinion covering the issues that you really care about.

It also explains the runaway tax increases in Cornwall and South Stormont.  If the powers that be can hide the news then how can ratepayers be expected to ask the right questions or even worse, vote for the right candidates?

And this is an election year.

So without further ado these are our Cornwall Free News numbers for 2017!

The amazing thing about online is that you get real raw numbers.   Not extrapolations.   We’re grateful that so many of you, even those that are not fans, keep clicking our pages!


Now these are the numbers that truly are amazing.  CFN is of course a newspaper, contrary to the thousands that the City of Cornwall has spent on their high priced out of town lawyers to suggest that the cities largest newspaper is a blog (as a loophole to avoid advertising with us as is actually mandated provincially).

For a newspaper to have people 25-34 as their number one viewer group is something to be very proud of.  That means we’re reaching young people.

Over 50% of our audience are women and over 50% are mobile.   Can stuffy old print say that?     Nothing against Seniors, but are they spending cash in businesses or are younger people and families?   Why would a company like Medical Arts or The Benson group spend thousands of dollars spending on ads where people aren’t reading?   Don’t you think that Matt & Dan at the Care Centre would fill a few more rooms if they supported Dawn Ford’s amazing Seniors column?

What is most disturbing is that the government of Ontario is pumping our cash not only out of the province, but right out of the Country!

With talk of subsidizing newspapers why not simply have the government spend their very heavy ad dollars where people are reading in Ontario?   Nothing against other areas, but geez, take care of home first before sending our tax dollars out of the country will ya Kathy?  Especially if we do a better job and cost less!  Talk about government waste!

Can you believe that the Eastern Ontario Health Unit won’t even send us health alerts?  Imagine their budget and putting people’s lives at risk.  Shame on Dr. Paul and his team of Quebecers that work at the EOHU!

As this newspaper has matured we’ve spread our wings and focus our growth in other communities, especially with the City Hall led boycott of our newspaper financially.   A boycott that has hurt our entire economy which is kinda insane!

While still growing our overall audience this year we’ve spread into some interesting places and now offer a viable sized audience for many other communities to advertise in.    And we’ve done this under difficult circumstances with limited resources while still not putting up a paywall for our viewers.

When you advertise on CFN you’re reaching out to a lot of eyes in a lot of places, but over 88% of out total traffic is still from Canada!   And mostly from Ontario making us a regional powerhouse.

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