Was Brock Frost a Police Informant While Sitting on Council in Cornwall Ontario? 040418

Was Brock Frost a Police Informant While Sitting on Council in Cornwall Ontario?  040418

Cornwall Ontario – Multiple sources are now identifying former Cornwall City Councilor Robert Brock Frost as a police informant for the CCPS and other police services.

Three sources have fingered the Columbian challenged former councilor,  in particular to the Mike Logan cocaine bust and the Cedars on Wheels bust right across the street from the police station.


Brock was right upstairs at Table 21 when he was nailed by Tony Joseph.  He cried like a bitch and turned right there.  I left town right after.   Cornwall scares the shit out of me.

One source said that Frost was using staff at restaurants and area bars to small time amounts of cocaine to support his own heavy habit which was especially alleged during his Cornwall River King fiasco that involved allegations of #metoo ing under age River Queens, and during the election where his erratic behavior led to incidents of fabricated hospital visits and fleeing one debate leaving his coat and car behind.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.  If you wish to send in your information confidentially email jamie@cornwallfreenews.com

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mike g

He is old history. What not a word on the new hire at the museum . Willing to buy votes for the museum board , and pay for them.That is if they vote for the board members of his choice. They are nucking futs .


Mr. Fraud Jr. (Re/Max Ottawa) just boasted of 5 new property listings — 4 he claims to “own” but needs to liquidate.
Luckily Ottawa has vulnerable, financially strapped and desperate marks aplenty, ready to fall for creative accounting and spaghetti financing — and thinking they’ll own the roof over their heads.
Then it’s skip town? B.C. this time?
Maybe… after a little travel of course.

Pete Walbee

Frosty was never smart enough to be a police informant.

Jeff Primeau

Give it up with OLD news, lets talk about how great Hometown Hockey was, and getting condo’s built by waterfront and ridding ourselves of E-Biker’e and Cornwall Finest around bike path and Lamoureux park. Let’s move forward ADMIN


Why/how is this guy still licenced as a real estate and mortgage broker?


Freda….ask RECO.



“Fraud” was reported to RECO in 2016, but no corrective or punitive action was taken.
Even his shameless “Seeker” pals have an item on CHIP mortgages (no mention of fees or compounded interest), and the CHIP pitch ends by suggesting that it’s good “for yourself or …your parent”! Naive first-time buyers aren’t enough? Seniors need screwing over too!!?!
That’s how fraudsters get away with it.