Some Super LIFT OFF Pics from Jason Setnyk + Upcoming MUSIC SCENE

Super Big Thanks to Jason Setnyk for some photos from LIFT OFF!   A super event and congrats to all of the organizers!

Amanda Marshall in focus!

All photos in this insert are courtesy of Jason Setnyk.

Jason also sent in the following info:

Saturday August 8th 2009 in CORNWALL, ON
We Made a Deal with the Devil

Art show @ Lamoureux Park (day)

Rock show @ Murphy’s Inn (night)
w/ Garbageface + Painted Forest + Jason Ramone + Styrofoam Ones + Times Neue Roman

Admission for the rock show at Murphy’s Inn is $5.

Band Links:

More info on what “We Made a deal with the Devil” is all about:

LIFTOFF PHOTOS by Jason Setnyk

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