Snowbirds Not Being Safe When Getting Their Freak’s On Down South- November 23,2009

L I N K Interesting story about Snowbirds not practicing safe sex while down south for their winter breaks.

“only 47 of those surveyed — 17.7 per cent — had ever been tested for HIV, Mairs found. And HIV testing prevalence was unrelated to how often those surveyed were having sex, their number of sexual partners, condom use or whether respondents were dating in Florida versus Canada.

Less than a quarter of men and almost none of the women used condoms, the study also found. It’s a relevant finding in Florida, where seniors account for 17 per cent of all HIV cases — the same as the proportion of those 65 and up among the general population. New cases among the age group are growing faster than in people under 40.”

So if you are leaving Cornwall for warmer climes this winter remember to bring your rain jacket, and be careful and safe.

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