Letter to the Editor – Guy Lauzon Prorogued Parliament – from Gabriel Riviere Reid – Cornwall Ontario – January 8, 2010

Dear Mr Lauzon,

The backlash of scorn regarding the conservative governments decision to prorogue Parliament continues on strong. I would like to add my voice to that list, and put it on record with you and your colleagues: This is a complete affront to democracy and an insult to the Canadian people.

I have little doubt that the reasoning for this move was to kill the investigation of the Afghan detainee issue, to give time for Mr Harper to fill the vacant Senate seats with right-wing cronies and to make sure the handful of conservative member’s of parliament approaching six years of `service` (including yourself) are guaranteed your pensions.

Rather than halting the democratic process, your government should be trying to figure out what went wrong with the Afghan detainees situation and fixing the outdated and redundant Senate (as was promised!). Not to mention working out an actual plan on reducing carbon emissions and working on improving our economy.

I would expect that any members of parliament with a shred of integrity would refuse salary for the next three months, and should an election come before he or she has put in 6 years of ACTUAL service (counting time actually spent in Parliament, not time since first elected), waive their right to the (unfair) pension.


Gabriel Riviere-Reid
Cornwall, Ontario

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  1. Everyone knows since he listened to his constituents and voted Yes to allow the HST to pass, that he’ll listen to us this time too…

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