Olympic GOLD Men’s Hockey Showdown 3:15 Sunday February 28 – Canada vs USA – It’s showtime!

It’s show time.  Today is where we separate the men from the over priced poofy NHL floaters.    Today is not a game 7 Stanley Cup game; it’s not even close; but it’s good practice and as far as some great players who play for not so great teams may ever get.

All of the roster players for both team USA and team Canada are NHL players.  There are ten teams that have players on each squad which could get interesting.

Puck drops at 3:15 PM – Hockey is Canada’s game and team Canada has discovered their guts again after stomping Russia.     There is no 2nd place.  Silver is not acceptable.   This squad was destined to bring home the gold in Vancouver.

Now it’s time to make the legend reality.   No pressure guys 😉

What do you think Canada?

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  1. Are we talking 3:15 Eastern time or Pacific time?

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