Letter to the Editor – John Milnes – South Stormont Ontario – Healthcare and Hospital Cuts of Concern to All – March 31, 2010

Dear Sir: Expressions of concern about our hospital cuts must be heeded; doctors who have privileges at the hospital, and other professionals, have all joined in to demonstrate how they feel.  The professional concerns are also shared by many in the public who have had deep involvement in the hospital, which after all is now our main regional hospital. In to-day’s […]

Coronation Street Actress Sue Cleaver Charged with Drunk Driving ( Eileen Grimshaw) Cornwall Ontario – March 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver (Eileen Grimshaw) has been charged with DUI in the UK.  Irony is that her on screen son Jason (actor Ryan Thomas) is in court for a similar charge days after herself. LINK Coronation Street actress Susan Cleaver has been charged with drink-driving in Greater Manchester, police confirmed. […]

Guergis Aide Caught Posting Under Pseudonym Defending MP – UPDATE- Internet Anonymity Exposed – Cornwall Ontario – March 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – Net Anonymity.  It’s a hot topic in many circles.  You know that smell on some beaches, that fishy smell of life changing to the stuff of food?   That’s the Eau to Helena Guergis at the moment after the embattled and diva tantrum throwing  MP has seen her Assistant outed for writing […]

Cigarette Smuggling Out of Control – Kevin Parkinson – Cornwall Ontario – March 31, 2010

Cigarette Smuggling Out of Control The latest media coverage in the Standard Freeholder concerning the incredible amount of cigarette smuggling through Cornwall and area is both shocking and puzzling, and raises more questions than answers. We have been told that 90% of illegal cigarettes make it across our border each year, representing 50 million cartons. […]

Caf+ Technologies vs Local Merchants – Listen LIVE Wednesday March 31 from 1PM on www.Seawayradio.com – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – We’ll be discussing the issues regarding local merchants who are upset with Cat+ Technologies; a local Social Enterprise, that’s a non-profit which is competing for customers that they depend on. We’ll have some company reps on from both sides.   Email in your questions to info@cornwallfreenews.com and to liste to the show […]

Lost in Montreal – Canada 150 Searches for ………. Liberals Under Ignatieff 2.0 – Cornwall Ontario – March 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – This past weekend there was a great thinking of minds.   There was gnashing of the teeth at the state of Canada and the future of some of its citizens.  There was talk of pensions; two tiered Medicare, and other oddities. The concept was a great reaching out to Canadians, to talk […]

Saturday night: Queue the music – Local Music Scene by Marina Restinetti – Cornwall Ontario – March 29, 2010

(Landmark rocking the stage at The Corner Pub. Randy Chesbro (L) Mike Summers, Allan McGimpsey (R)) Saturday night: Queue the music Uptown Classic rock and roll and flawless guitar solos filled the air at The Corner Pub, 17305 Cornwall Centre Road, on Saturday night as local veteran band Landmark took the stage. Landmark has been […]

Letter to the Editor – Brian Lynch on the Ontario Provincial Budget – Cornwall Ontario – March 29, 2010

The March 25 Ontario budget shows that the McGuinty Government has lost touch with the challenges facing everyday people in Ontario. There was little in the budget to help those who are hurting in the current recession, namely, the unemployed, seniors, and people living on low incomes. Ontario needs a comprehensive made-in- Ontario jobs plan […]

Russian Rhetoric Attacks Canadian Arctic Sovereignty, Prime Minister Harper and Peter MacKay – Cornwall Ontario – March 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – Rumbles from Russia against Canadian Arctic Soverignity hit the net recently via PRAVDA which while in Russian stands for Truth, on the net via this site is essentially some wild tabloid type journalism. From some of this journalism though comes official doctrine and political will.   Russia has been making assertions regarding their Arctic Sovereignty […]

Sgt Michael Harvey of the RCMP Cornwall Ontario Detachment Guests on www.Seawayradio.com – Monday March 29, 2010

Cornwall ON –  Sgt. Michael Harvey of the Cornwall Ontario detachment of the RCMP will be our guest on Seawayradio.com Monday March 29, 2010 from 1PM.  It should be an interesting conversation indeed as we discuss the constant fight against illegal smuggling whether it be cigarettes, drugs, or other items. You can email in your […]

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