Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark MacDonald Announces He Will Not Run Again as Councilor – Considering Mayoral Run – Cornwall Ontario – March 2, 2010

Cornwall ON – This afternoon live on Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald announced that he would not be running for council again.  After two terms as Councilor he’s mulling a run for Mayor.

Listen to the interview by clicking on his photo.  You never know what you’ll hear on live community radio!

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  1. If Mark MacDonald is running for Mayor and does as well as he did in supporting the Richmond Drive Taxpayers I definitely will be looking at the other candidates. He was a lump on a log and taxpayers found no support for those losing their homes to heavy truck traffic that should not be on a drive/ street that is not properly prepared for the stress load. Without assessments to the damage of the Environment, wetlands etc. Many of the Alderman and women are just there for the political contacts and stepping stones to parliament and cushy pensions. Not All however! Bernadette Clement and Mary Anne Hug are actually doing their elected jobs and stood up and were counted. Either of these ladies have not yet succumbed to bureaucratic BS..Go Girls Go! The Seats of City Council need an overhaul and the CEO AND Chief Engineer that makes you wonder if he has any education in the field, has to go. They are costing City Taxpayers Millions.

  2. City should be accountable for the assistance of the health of it’s taxpayers in Health Care. They certainly have no problem wasting money on that 3 Pad Arena. What the Hospital could do with that. 60-70% of the taxpayers are elderly, 20% more unable to afford hockey. 95% that will never step into or use it! So The “Honorable” Mayor with the famous son gets an arena feather in his cap at the cost of your health. Another son on the police force and Our cities Chad on the Fire Department. Something is very smelly in the City of Cornwall. Let your votes make a difference and get out to the meetings and make informed decisions! See who is looking after your best interest!

  3. How much money comes from the City for healthcare? I thought it was a provincial / federal moneypit, and of course I know there is only one taxpayer.

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