Why the Habs should trade Carey Price – JULY 1 Free Agent Frenzy! Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So it’s July 1st.   Free Agent mania.   There are a lot of interesting goalies out there, but how many studs are available?  How many potential studs?   Yeah.   Some serviceable guys, but no studs.

Detroit showed that you could win a Stanley Cup without a STUD.   Philadelphia nearly won a cup with chopped liver.   Chicago’s Niemi wasn’t exactly paté so the question is where does Carey Price fit into this and what’s the play?

Carey Price will never be a Montreal legend.    He never really was meant to be.  He’s a West coast guy with a West coast personality.   I think he’s the real deal, but situationally in Montreal he and management are under the gun.

If the Habs and Mr. Price jump out to a slow start he not only will be butchered alive by the fans and media; his true value will be drastically reduced.

Right now; as I right this; his value will not be higher in 2010.   Right now Mr. Price could probably land a Top 6 Forward or Top 4 D man, and maybe a good draft pick if not a number one.

Montreal signing Dan Ellis I believe would put Carey in play.   The question is will the Price be right for other GM’s.   His salary; at least for another year is also extremely attractive to top level teams that not only want a Stud in goal, but a long term stud.    Philadelphia would be a perfect fit, but then so would a lot of other teams.

I hope that Pierre Gauthier does much better than he did in the Halak deal if he does pull the trigger; but a tandem of say Dan Ellis and Marty Biron isn’t totally attractive, and there are a lot of other interesting names out there that could complement Dan Ellis if the Habs get him signed at the right…….price 😉

What do you think Canada?

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